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How do I get my dogs to get used to new baby?

I will I get my mini schnauzers to adapt to a new baby coming in the family?

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    One tip they gave me at the hospital was to wrap a baby in a blanket for awhile. Then bring the blanket with the baby's scent home before you bring the baby home and let them get used to the scent.

    Involve them in the new routine (much as you would do a sibling). Let them go with you on walks, sit with them while nursing, etc.

    Do not leave them alone with the baby until you can trust what they will do. Invest in some gates (you will need them when the kid is mobile anyway).

    You will probably find that once the initial curiosity is over, they won't give much attention to the baby.

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    get the baby's sent on a new blanket before he/she comes home from the hospital. then give this blanket to the dog to sleep with. it should help her to accept the baby.

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    bring home a blanket with the babies scent on it so that the dogs can sniff the blanket and get used to the baby, leave the blanket with them so they can smell the scent whenever they want.

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    They may never get use to the baby. I wouldn't chance them getting jealous and harming my baby. Its been happening a lot around the world. Never leave your child alone with them.

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