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Canadian killed in front of which bar?

Does anyone know the name of the nightclub that the 19 year old Canadian was beaten to death in front of?


It must be Palladium, its a very popular disco on top of the cliff that has a fireworks display just before dawn, I have been there, and that is where I met my husband. I don't think the murder will affect the bar's publicity. People will still go no matter what. Just like they do at the Barcelo Maya and just like they do in Aruba, and just like they did after the Frommer's girl disappeared in Negril.

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    No, they showed it on the news though. It was set up high on this hilltop.

    Acapulco is ripe with beggars and locals. When I was there I met a woman who told me her husband had macheted her arm (it was broken in 4 places...awful scars) just to make her a cripple so she could beg for money every day!!!!

    Mexico is corrupt and dispicable...always has been....they have beautiful beaches though and the government are not stupid...they've made thier gold mines firstly off rich folks (Jackie-O and Johnny Weissmuller and many more owned mansions there!!!) and then off tourism...the rest of Mexico, especially the Yucatan, really grew to be major tourism resorts in the last 20 years. But the people and government have always been the same and it's always been dangerous. Most Mexicans who work the resorts are fantastic however, and that's not to take away from them. Their hospitality is next to none, but there are still bad apples which I suppose is true anywhere but especially in places like that. I mean just look at the governments, plain and simple.

    Frankly Snowbird, if the bar is one I would be going to, I would like to think it SHOULD hold some accountability in protecting tourists from the locals.

    I've been to Acapulco twice and never had a problem in any of the clubs, and frankly was treated very well, but I can see where it would be dangerous.

    Whoever kicked that guy out should have put them right into a cab and kept an eye out that they "didn't take it outside."

    I think they are all hiding something there. There are always attendants outside most of the night clubs. It must have been something out of the way and remote to have had this happen with no witnesses around.

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    Yes, I do but to say so would be casting some very bad publicity on them which wouldn't be fair. The bar had nothing to do with the murder (if in fact this was a murder). And it is one that as a visitor to Acapulco you would most likely be going there. Another tip; you will NOT be kicked out of this bar unless you bring some negative attention upon yourself - such as treating the staff with disrespect, getting 'falling over' drunk, accosting other clubbers, or being involved in a fight/brawl. Avoid these things and you'll be ok.

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    conchitas strip joint.

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