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What song haunts you?

Here's my list of songs in the past few years that I have had trouble getting out of my head, that penetrate:

+ O, Superman - Laurie Anderson

+ Nightswimming - REM

+ Ashes of American Flags - WILCO

+ Last Days of Disco - Yo La Tengo

+ Biomusicology - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

What songs have you had to hire an exorcist to get out of your mind?


Ape Ape, love your list. Here's a few more on mine:

+ Your Misfortune - Mike Doughty

+ In the Devil's Country - Sufjan Stevens

+ For Ramona - Bob Dylan

+ Time for Heroes - Libertines

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    First, I must compliment your list; Ashes of American Flags and Nightswimming in particular are amazing. Now here are a few of mine:

    Highway Kind by Townes Van Zandt

    Becalmed by Brian Eno

    Daughters of the Soho Riots by The National

    A Crush in the Ghetto by Jolie Holland

    Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks

    Tugboat by Galaxie 500

    Leave the City by Magnolia Electric Co.

    Jugband Blues by Pink Floyd

    Pretty Eyes by The Silver Jews

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    bye bye miss american pie by Don Mclean has been permanently stuck in my head for about 2 or 3 years.

    also lately pinball wizard by The Who's been stuck in my head

  • Two of the worst songs I cannot get out of my head once I hear them (and they aren't even good songs) are:

    Signs - Tesla

    Friday, I'm in Love - The Cure

    Even thinking about the answer to this question got them going in my head, thanks.

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    I Am Stretched on Your Grave by Dead Can Dance... its terribly and wonderfully depressing and loving at the same time... I don't want it exorcised though, its a ghost that may haunt me forever...

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    Oh jeesh, there are so many songs permenatly inscripted in my brain...

    I woke up this morning thinging about Alanis Morrisette's "You oughta know".

  • tmac
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    It's not so much a song, but that Head-On commercial. You know... Apply directly to your forehead!

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    Over and Over - Nelly & Tim McGraw

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    I get knocked down - Chumba womba

    Aweful song, and just typing it again stuck it there again.

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    All is Full of Love - Bjork

    Even hummed it in my dream.

  • 1 decade ago

    Tell me something good - Rufus

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