How much money would it cost to attend a music college or university?


Im thinking of los angeles recording school and staying at oakwood.

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  • kacey
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    1 decade ago
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    It really completely depends on the individual university/college. Are you talking about a place like Julliard? Private colleges are always more expensive than public ones, but there are always a range of scholarships available, and grants (if you qualify, based primarily on you/your family's income). I'm putting myself through a private university that's about 30,000 a semester +living expenses. I got several scholarships based on my grades/SAT score, and I'm taking out loans. A lot of students work, too, often in on-campus jobs that have flexible hours and sometimes can be done while studying (like manning the gym sign-in desk, etc.). Where there's a will, there's a way! The best way to find out how much a music college/university would cost is just to check out several college's websites (colleges you'd be interested in attending). They'll give you that info, as well as financial aid info.

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    That 100% depends on the college or university. If you get any other answer it is inaccurate.

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