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Slot machine...strategy:?

What is yours...

I was playing the "Alien" slot machine for a penny. I started with $10.00 and got it up to $38.00. This took about two hours. I was never able to get it up to $40+. That was my goal....

I ended up playing it for more money....and then lost it all. I feel that I maxed it out at $38. I should have moved on and played another machine.

Have you encountered this? What is your strategy for slots?

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  • ZCT
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    There is no strategy for slots. American slots are entirely random. They could pay the jackpot five times in a row, or not pay it for five years in a row. So you did not necessarily do anything wrong trying to get past $38. You had no way of knowing if it would pay some more or not.

    The only thing I would question (other than the merits of playing penny slots which usually offer some horrible odds), is if you were playing for maximum credits. If you were able to play for two hours for $10, then I find it hard to believe you were playing max lines and max credits. You really need to do that, which turns the penny slot into something that can cost several dollars per spin. If you can't afford that look for a quarter machine that takes 1-3 credits per spin and only has one line. This way it will cost no more than 50c or 75c per spin.

    If you don't bet maximum credits you are often exempt from winning the true jackpot and your odds are even worse as a result.

    Keep in mind that slot machines are like scratch cards. You might get lucky, but the odds are very much against you.

    Even though I am a pretty good winning poker player, I still like to pop a few dollars into a slot now and then. I know the odds are against me and that the EV is very low, but still it's fun. I don't mind paying a few dollars for the entertainment of seeing if I can win a million dollars. Last time I was in Vegas someone won $12m at the Wynn in a slot. Last time my friend was in Vegas he put $20 in a machine and won $6,000.

    I know I can play single deck black jack for hours and have better odds, but I am not going to become a millionaire that way. That's why slots are fun, just don't play them expecting to be a millionaire by the time you are done!

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    Having worked over 12 years in the casino biz, I will offer the cold, hard truth. Slot machines are run by RNG's (random number generators). I will not go into detail about how the RNG works, just that slot machines are random.

    There is no way to predict if the next spin will be a winner or a loser. Even the casino doesn't know. In the long run the casino will come out ahead. I promise you that. But in the short term the player can and often does win. There is no skill involved in playing a slot machine. You can't outguess the computer.

    In your example, you got lucky in the short term. You played for 2 hours and won. Then you lost it back. The machine was not set to max out at $38. You could have won the top jackpot.

    Switching machines wouldn't have changed your expected result either.

    There are hundreds of slot "strategies" out there. But I can assure you none of them work. There is no way to overcome the house edge in the long run.

    You can, however, limit your losses by playing higher payback machines...and playing enough coins to cover all the paylines (on multi-line games).

    If there was a way to predict slot payouts, I wouldn't have had such a good paying job for so long!

  • I live in Las Vegas and don't gamble too much, but I do have a strategy that works fairly well.

    1. Only gamble what you're okay losing - $10 is totally reasonable. 2. Whenever you're above your original bet amount (above $10) you're playing on the casino's money and you should be increasing your bets. When I'm using the casino's money I bet max met to maximize my winnings if I hit a good bet.

    3. If you fall back down to your original bet amount, get conservative again with minimum bets to exend your play time. Slowly build your bankroll until you're back up over your $10 if you can.

    Other notes:

    1. Be willing to walk away if you get back down to $10. Then be happy you had an hour of entertainment playing a slot with no losses.

    2. Set a max and minimum amounts that you WILL walk away with (in your case $40 and $0) and stick to it.

    3. Realize your incredible luck if you make $40 off of $10. It doesn't sound like that much money, but statistically that's 300% profit. You can't get that type of return on many investments in this world. Go treat yourself to a decent dinner.

    4. Some slots adjust odds based on your bet amount. Some bonus round games will hit more if you bet more.

    Good luck.

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    The best strategy for slots is to take into the casino only the amount of money you intend to spend, which is what you intend to lose. Every credit you win, you cash out and put in your pocket. When the money you intended to lose is gone, cash in your credits and go home. Ian

    Ian B. Williams - Former Slot Machine Technician/Consultant in Slot Machine Addiction

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  • Actually 2 hours of entertainment for $10 is not bad. Was it Alien Attack? That slot is fun.

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    If you're trying to "make money" playing slots, good luck. The only advice I can possibly offer is to play the high-dollar machines, as they tend to pay out more money (obviously) and somewhat more frequently than worthless penny slots.

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    Slots are the worst odds for the player and the best odds for the house. They are a suckers game, but make the most money for the casino per square foot.

    The best games for the player are (when played correctly)

    Craps (Pass or Come, none of the side bets)

    Single Deck BlackJack

    Poker (Not video poker)

  • Paul H
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    My strategy for slots is not to play them. If an investment gives you 92% back for every dollar you invest, then after one play my dollar LOSES eight cents. Read the book "Can you win - the real odds of casino gambling" to learn the realities of the math behind gambling. Never think of gambling as a way to make money - unless you buy stock in the Harrah's company!!!

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