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1)If you had to meet the Queen og England at Royal Tea Party

2)If you are a superhero,what would you wear

3)If you visiting Disneyland,what would you wear

4)If you are going for a flight to Beijing this Christmas




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    1. I'll bring a digital camera and ask if her majesty could take a picture together with me.

    2. I'll wear casually because I am the superhero, and not my clothes.

    3. I'll wear comfortable clothes such as a cotton top plus a pair of jeans and sports shoes.

    4. I'll wear a duck down jacket and two pairs of socks because it is really cold in Beijing at Christmas.

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    If I had to meet the Queen of England, I would dress myself as a lady/ gentlement because ot respect the queen also the venue of the royal twas Party

    I would wear someting not to fancy because you were going to safe people, not going to a fashion show.

    I would wear somthing ligh that suited the activity i would be doing in Disney Land.

    I will be at the airport sharp, not being late because the plane will not wait for you~

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