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悖論的問題 (還蠻急的!!~~15點)

Why is the statement "I am lying." a paradox?


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    1 decade ago
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    A paradox, interpreted as an intrinsic contradiction built into a logical reasoning, is a limbo, an indeterminate state, in which no valid determination can be made from the terms in the logical construct.

    Take the statement, "I am lying." If the statement is identified as true, then the content of the statemenet should be true. But the "true" content in this case identifies the person that made the statement as being lying. That will in turn make the original identification false. Thus, we can't make any determination as to if the statement is true because we can always follow the reasoning to claim it to be false.

    If, on the other hand, the statement is presumed to be false. Then the person that made the statement is assumed to be lying to begin with. However, just as in the above reasoning, the content of the statement will be logically deducted to be assert that the person that made the statement is not telling lies. This conclusion, again, contradicts the assumption used.

    From the above reasoning, we can determine that the statement is in fact a "paradox", since no uncertain determination can be made from the statement.

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