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Nobel/Pulitzer Prize?

How is a person capable of winning the Nobel and Pulitzer prize?

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    The two prizes are very different. First and foremost, the Pulitzer is an American award, and it is generally given for a single composition, in print journalism, literature, or music. There are 21 different categories comprising the Pulitzer awards. The Nobel Prize for Literature is different, particularly in its scope. The Nobel is awarded to a writer for the entire body of their work, almost a lifetime achievement award (although it is rarely awarded posthumously), and while poets, dramatists, novelists and other fiction writers have won, it is not awarded for journalism. Although it is difficult to win both prizes, it has occurred on several occasions. Sinclair Lewis won the Pulitzer for his novel Arrowsmith (he declined to accept it) and later won the Nobel. Eugene O'Neill won both prizes for his drama. Pearl S. Buck won the Pulitzer for The Good Earth and later was awarded the Nobel. William Faulkner won the Pulitzer twice (for his novels) as well as the Nobel. Ernest Hemingway was awarded the Pulitzer for The Old Man and the Sea a year before receiving the Nobel. John Steinbeck won the Pulitzer for The Grapes of Wrath before winning the Nobel. Saul Bellow won the Pulitzer for Humboldt's Gift and later in life the Nobel. Toni Morrison's novel Beloved won the Pulitzer; she was awarded the Nobel in 1993. In fact, two-thirds of the American writers to be awarded the Nobel Prize were also awarded the Pulitzer.

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    Usually through genius and tremendous amount of talent. The Nobel prize of course is a lot more prestigious than the Pulitzer prize and it is given in Stockholm, Sweden, while the Pulitzer is given in NYC. To win such awards you need to have created or worked on a tremendous body of work that is praised and admired by many who vote to give those prizes.

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