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Should we petition Yahoo for a special , new highest level ?


When one examines the content contributed by a lot of users who reached high levels like 6 and 7 , one is sometimes disappointed with the quality of some of these users' input .

Would it be a good idea for Yahoo to add a new highest level (level 8 maybe) which is reached only after answers of users in levels 6 and 7 are carefully reviewed ,and found to be useful and constructive ?

should the distinction of being a highest level user on Yahoo Answers left to anyone with enough time and disposition to type whatever indiscriminately in response to any question ?


REview the answers, not INTERview the answerers .

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    Yes, but I am uncertain how to effectively run a content analysis on so many millions of answers effectively.

    I have been reviewing the star system they have just implemented, and that seems to be more of a networking system, that may result in even more point gaming.

    Someone else has had a similar idea to yours. I remember when one very good respondent received over 80,000 points in one week.

    I think that may have been part of the original purpose behind the thumbs-up or down system, but it has fallen victim to point gaming.

    Yahoo! does have featured users from time to time, but I have no idea where they get that from.

    Yes, I do think that this system could be improved even more, to be a valuable learning tool and advertising platform. The advertising platform is necessary, because the system has to be paid for somehow.

    I come and go from Y!A. Sometimes I am fed up with the personalities and the point gaming, and most times I simply review questions in voting. There are some excellent users here, but many of them come under attack for some petty reason.

    I could easily recommend 20 users in various categories for great responders, because I vote on unresolved questions, and occasionally, one answer is so good, I either email the question to myself or watchlist it until I learn who gave such a great answer.

    I may review their history to see other answers they have given. I then give their very good answers thumbs up, which gives them a point, which isn't much, unless you consider that someone with 2000 best answers could get 100,000 points if other people did the same. The points for thumbs up was limited a while back, because some were gaming the system, so now 50 points for thumbs up is the maximum bonus points users can give an answer.

    I will never be a featured user, but it would be nice if there were some way to better recognize the users who did provide great information.

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    U shouldn't look at people's levels. In fact, I even asked a question about it recently(titled "Do you judge ppl on Yahoo by the level?" or something like that). If you don't like their responses, oh well. There will always be some1 nice out there who will answer your question to the best of their abilities.

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    even as it would want to help get rid of a few junk, the reason i began solutions become b/c I had a question --- and now i'm hooked! besides the numerous "junk" questions are fairly humorous. you are able to all techniques report abuse on every person in the experience that they computer virus you that a lot. perchance they could set up a particular section the position in consumer-friendly words factor 3 and up could have the alternative of asking/answering their questions or cause them to attainable to the widespread public...

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    I think it's a good Idea except the review part.There are thousands of people on yahoo answers how could they interview all of them?

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    I think the higher your rating,the more restricted your field of response should be. No one word answers.No answering a question with more than five answers.Anyone with more than 20,000 points needs to be in therapy.

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