Houston propery related tax Question?

My parents bought a house in Sugar Land, F.B county, DEC2005.

So, how many tax statements, which related to their property will they receive ? So far, as i know are

1.FT isd tax,

2.M.U.D tax from Harris County, Why is not from F.B county?

Can anyone tell me what is a ''Municipal Utility District'' tax for?

Please give some help!!! I try to call the tax office, it just seems, lots of folks having the tax problems. No one pick up the call.....

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  • JQT
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    1 decade ago
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    I believe there are 4 tax statements.

    Fort Bend ISD Tax

    Fort Bend County Property Tax

    City of Sugar Land Property Tax

    Fort Bend County LID

    I'm not sure why they received Harris County MUD.

    Best wishes.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Texas property tax law is actually quite simpler than most states. The property tax law is codified into 2 small books.

    Your situation, being located in Fort Bend (?) County, is different from other counties (simply because assessors and collectors vary from co. to co. - also they are not the same thing). Call the FB Co. Tax Assessor/Collector. Their records will indicate which taxing units your parent's property is subject to. If each of those units has their own collector, you will get a bill from each one. Or you can go to the TAC's office and get a printout and an explanation of which units will be sending you a bill. Their records cover each property in the co. with accompanying codes to indicate who taxes you.

    A MUD tax is essentially what the county voted it to cover. It varies from bridges being built to hospitals' renovations to underground phone lines. Your taxes go to pay the bonds that paid for these sundry items.

    Remember, call the FB County Tax Assessor. This is quite a different animal from a tax collector. If you need more detailed info, feel free to email me. Hope this helps...

    Source(s): Texas property tax analyst: for a major oil company; in business for myself for 5 years.
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