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In which towns of southern Brazil there are many people from Poland ?

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    According to present day statistics, there are close to 850,000 Polish immigrants in Brazil .

    The Polish colony in Curitiba which is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 1971

    One of the most Famous Poles that went to Brazil is Admiral K. Arciszewski (1598-1656) .

    The best information, although still far from complete, concerns the Polish community in Brazil. Records indicate that a Fr. Wojciech Mecinski, S.J., landed in Brazil in 1631 and proceeded to send descriptions and a map of Pernambuco to Fr. Kasper Duzbicki, the Polish Provincial. In 1831, Andrzej Przewodowski came to Brazil after a Polish insurrection. He became a resident of Bahia. Ten years later, history records a Dr. Piotr Luiz Napoleon Czernowicz as the editor of a medical dictionary in Rio. For his work, Czernowicz received the Order of Christ from Pedro II. The real contributions, however, came from the very large groups of immigrants that came to Brazil during the 1870's and 1880's

    In 1918, the three states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná had 39,000, 13,800, and 60,000 respectively while 5,200 were scattered throughout Brazil. Szumanski's statistics for 1925 are also interesting. Rio Grande do Sul had 37,140 Poles, Santa Catarina 10,740 and Paraná 72,240 with 5,000 scattered in other states. Kalendarz Ludu in 1936 cited a total of 160,000-180,000 Poles in Brazil.

    Source(s): Polish Roots
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    Curitiba. They are not from Poland, they're descendants of Polish, there's a difference. Here in America our idea of nationality is different from the other continents. If you was born in Brazil, then you're 100% Brazilian, it doesn't matter if both your parents come from Poland.

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    As I know many people from Poland, Germany live in State Santa Catarina

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    There is a large community of Polish people in Riberao Preto but the further south you go, the more Europeans you'll find...all of the south of Brazil is predominantly Europeans.

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    Yes, in southerm of Brasil has poeople from Europe(they made the white population of Brasil) the southerm region of Brasil has better IDH.

    The 2000 IBGE census found Brazil to consist of: [2]

    53.7% white

    38.5% mulatto

    6.2% black

    0.5% Asian

    0.4% Indian

    0.7% unspecified

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    you mean.. Germany

    all of southern brazil

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    I know of one, in State Parana, Curitiba.

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