scared to speak before audience.?

I am really got scared when i have to speak in class or speak before the class.

Can you help me with that.

Also can you give me tips to improve my oratory skills

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    I know that many people aren't afraid of speaking in front of people as much as they are afraid of screwing up in front of people and humiliating themselves completely. These are a few tips that have helped me:

    1). Don't panic. If the topic is something the crowd is unfamiliar with especially. The people will probably never know whether or not you screw up or not. And even if they do, they probably won't care. The bigger challenge will probably be getting them to pay attention to you moreso than anything else.

    2). Practice. Being prepared not only lessens the chance of you screwing up, it makes you more familiar with the topic at hand. And if you are more comfortable with the topic, chances are you will be more comfortable talking about it.

    3). Take every opportunity to perform that you can. I was incredibly shy when I was younger, and I can say that the number one thing that made me a lot more comfortable speaking in public was doing it as often as possible. Volunteer for the chance whenever you can, especially if it scares you. For me, I found the experience desensitizing. Driving for the first time is often scary to many people, but after doing it for a while, it becomes routine. Same thing with swimming and for public speaking - at least for me.

    A few tips I have gotten from other people are to race around the block before a speech, so you are too tired to be tense about it. Another friend of mine who publicly speaks often says that looking at the audience in the forehead instead of the eyes helps, since you can't see them seeing you and it still looks like eye contact from that kind of distance. I've never tried these tips before, but they may help you.

    One more piece of advice is to speak with other people who are in the business of making public presentations on a regular basis. You may find that some techniques that they use to handle the stress (and I know many professional speakers who still get VERY nervous in front of crowds) that may work better for you than all my suggestions. Good luck!

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    I in my view had the equal main issue. I’m a character that has spoken in entrance of industrial conferences with the City Mayor, helped in fairs and spoke in entrance of hundreds of thousands of persons and not using a hitch. However, I used to talk in entrance of a small institution and I might have (practically have) a panic assault. My private opinion is that your main issue could pass just a little deeper inside your self. Have you spotted that once you're appearing you're fearful after which it is going away? This is the equal inspiration. Now that you're making use of your mouth to talk as a substitute of dancing you could have a phobia of what persons could consider of you (as a student). You could wish to check out training just a little earlier than a speech is due and get used to it. You too can study this and discover many solutions. However, the one actual reply you must inform your self is that you'll do some thing. If you'll manipulate your self from failing as a dancer then that is one within the equal. While giving a speech attempt to loosen up and keep centered whilst as you might in a efficiency (It’s all within the brain). Best of Luck!

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    The best advice I can give you from personal experience is practice practice practice!

    If you practice your speech until you basically know it by heart your confidence will be greater and your speech will be smoother, and you will feel better about getting up in front of an audience. Try practicing your speech on someone too. That will help to see how someone else will percieve your speech.

    Another tip if youre getting up in front of your audience is to try and look at the top of their heads. Making eye contact can be distracting and make you more nervous. If you look at people, but at say the top of their head instead of directly into their eyes you are still making a connection with your audience.

    Try to make yourself speak up more often too....the more you do it the easier it will be.

    Good luck!!!!!

    Source(s): Public speaking course in college and my own personal experience.
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    In all honesty, practice in front of a mirror. What you see is what they'll be seeing. Stand up straight, be confident, smile, and randomly look at people like you're talking one on one. If you're using notes, print them in a larger font so it's easy to glance down. I used to make marks on my notes where pauses should be. And remember, they don't want to see you uncomfortable, they just want to hear what you have to say. You're in control, so take control.

    It really is painless after a few times of being prepared.

    Source(s): Speech major and public speaker
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    Try reading to enhance your word power. It helps to break the ice with your audience by thanking them for being there right off the bat.. I always told them I appreciate every one for attending. Or said something like thank you for being here tonight, I really appreciate it.

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    Just imagine everyone in their under ware.Just don't laugh to hard or get excited over the hot girls.Practice makes perfect.

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    try talking to yourself in front of the mirror with eye contact

    also try talking in front of a small group of ur close friends

    practise is the only thing u can do to take out fear

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