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Does everybody hate Michael Moore?

He's from my home town so i'm naturally a fan of that. I'm neither republican or democrat...I'm a non-voter and I have mixed feelings on George Bush. I know a lot of the things he (Michael Moore) said in Fahrenheit 911 were heresay...I know he stretched the truth and said a lot of things that were probably just gossip, not facts. But nonetheless, i found that movie to be awesome...entertaining, informative, etc. I have a lot of republican friends who actually refuse to watch the you think it's becuase it would change their mind on Bush? What do you think of his movie? Becuase I couldnt believe a lot of the things that he said....if even 1/2 were true that's just sad. Also, have you seen his other movie, Roger & Me?

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    I like Michael Moore. Of course, you have to question everything you see and hear, even if it is in a documentary. But even if some of the stuff he says is biased, I think its great to see someone raise a voice against large corporations, and the Bush government. Someone has to do it, and he knows he's going to get a lot of crap for it, but he does it anyway. Good for him.

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    Why people hate him:

    1. His movie, Bowling For Columbine contradicted itself. It clearly showed that the Columbine massacre was NOT a result of easy availability of firearms but applauded when Walmart decided to stop carrying firearms. If it doesn't make any difference, why was Walmart's decision any good?

    2. His movie, Fahrenheit 911 was made similar to a documentary so some people thought it was supposed to be a true story. All it did was connect a whole bunch of unrelated information together to make a comedy based on politics.

    3. He critizes George Bush for the Iraq situation with volunteering an alternative plan.

    What do I think about his movies? They're interesting and entertaining just like Snakes On a Plane and other silly nonsense.

    I haven't seen Roger and Me.

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    How can his movies be "informative" if they also " stretched the truth and said a lot of things that were probably just gossip, not facts."

    I'm no fan. Not only does he stretch the truth but he out and out fabricates things. I can not respect a film maker who edits scenes so the truth is completely distorted because he has an agenda. That is why I won't see a Michael Moore film. They are long on conspiracy and short on actual truth.

    Also, he's not actually from you're hometown. He was born just outside it. Close enough maybe.

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    I think what he "documented" on Fahrenheit 911 was more that pure speculation or fiction. Everything just made sense and for that he got a lot of criticism. A lot of people would believe anything so Mr. Bush is safe because of that. Too many morons and not enough people with common sense......

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    I think Michael Moore is very brave, and very smart. I think he is also a gifted story teller and Director.

    However, Michael Moore and the Truth have never really been close friends. Michael comes from the school of thought that it is okay to bend or distort the truth if it leads to what is in his mind the greater good or whatever supports his point of view.

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    I have watched his documentaries and found that people did not dispute the facts but attacked the man. There was one person who had lost limbs in the was that was going to sue him because it seemed that he was portrayed in Fahrenheit 9/11 as a "dove".

    One just cannot make a movie on lies. They would be sue out of their skulls especially in the USA.

    It takes stones not to follow the rest of the sheep such as WMD and terrorists right out of Iraq.

    He has my respect and I am neither a Democrat nor Republican.

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    I don't like him at all. Not just because he's totally full of crap, but he point-blank tells his fans what idiots he thinks they are...and yet they keep handing him their money. Hmmmm - maybe he's on to something!

    Haven't seen the movie and don't plan to. When I heard that a soldier interviewed for the film is suing MM because of misrepresentation, that pretty much put the nail on the coffin for me.

    I haven't watched "Farenhype 911" either. I watch movies to escape for a little bit - I can get plenty of bickering BS on the "news".

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    I heard that he & Cindy Sheehan are an item, so at least she likes him. -jk-

    Do you know that he was sued by several people he filmed in Farenheit 9/11? They say that he told them it was going to be supportive of the military, when in fact it is not.

    This website has a little more info:

    As for Roger & Me, it was interesting that he pretends to take on the plight of these poor people who are losing everything, all the while living in a penthouse in Manhattan and being an investor in GM stock.

    This expose` was written by someone from Flint, MI:

    I am sure that there are wonderful people from your home town, but Michael Moore is not one of them.

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    i have not seen the movie, not because it will make me change my mind on bush, but because i refuse to put a dime into his pocket. he goes around playing like he is just a regular joe worker kind of guy while he lives in million dollar apartments in new york city, flies in private jets and dupes the idiots who go to his movie that is just an honest working schlep. i will never see any of his movies.

    how can you see his stuff, let alone believe in it, knowing that his info is false and for shock effect? he makes me vomit, honestly and i would not even admit that he is from my home town.

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    that movie was informing in a false sense. It was full of outright lies, and intentional deceits.

    look up dave kopels 59 deceits of michael moore.

    Many people, like the soldier who lost his limbs, who were featured in michael moores falsumentary have reported that their quotes were taken out of context, and used to make a completely different point.


    I find it funny that some spineless, sheep of a liberal gave me a thumbs down for citing sources in my answer.

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