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Since when does Papa John's charge $1.50 for delivery? It's been a while...?

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    yeah I worked for Jet's Pizza and they charge $2.50 but they claim it's more for the insurance on the vehicles then anything... because they don't really give compensation for gas... which in my mind is kind of stupid... so I don't know if I agree with the gas prices so much as pizza being something fast and easy and they know they can get away with charging a few extra to the people who don't want to leave home. If a driver gets about 20 run's a shift... I don't know what kind of insurance they are buying... it seems a little expensive though...

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    I'm not sure how long its been, but it seems that other people have answered that. What I do know is that a friend of mine worked for Papa John's and that delivery charge was really detrimental to her tips. People assumed that $1.50 was going to her for delivering their pizza, but drivers actually only get 10 cents from each delivery charge, and the rest goes to the company.

    Moral of the story: Don't forget to tip your delivery drivers! They're pretty much making next to nothing and that tip is all they've got.

    Source(s): Friend of former papa john's delivery driver
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    We just had Papa John's last week, and the one in my area doesn't charge a delivery fee.

    I think it is a franchise and therefore up to the individual owner.

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    Its been about 3-4 years now. Since the Gas prices went to the roof!!

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    Since gas prices went up, like the first person said. Pizza Hut also does it, too.

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    For several years. I just found out few weeks ago they quit carrying calzone. I am so disappointed!

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