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how do you take a bath (not a shower) during ur period?

i've never done it, but for some reason i was just curious about what would happen next time if i did. doesn't the whole tub get full of blood? cuz ppl always say you should take a warm bath during ur period to make urself feel better. why? and does the blood just stop coming out for a while (like, during the bath)? thanks!

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    No. The tub doesn't get full of blood. I think you actually stop bleeding when you are in the bath too, makes you feel a lot cleaner when you get out. Maybe take a shower after your bath if you are concerned that you might be dirty from the water. It really is relaxing and enjoyable. Go for it.

  • Think about it, before there were such things as showers, what did women do to get clean? They took baths!

    No, the tub does not fill up with blood. And no, the blood does not just stop coming out for a while.

    Honestly, it's such a minute (small) amount of blood that that is the reason people tell you to take a bath to make yourself feel better. It's from your own body and will not cause you any harm.

    However, if you are 'wigged' out by this, don't worry about it. My 15 year old daughter won't take a bath during this time of the month either. It's just what ever YOU want to do and what makes YOU feel comfortable.

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    When I was growing up, we didn't have a shower...I had to take a bath. I was nervous the first time I took a bath during my period - I, too, thought the bath would overflow with blood and wondered if I should wear a tampon or what (not many female influences in my life). So, I experimented. At first, I would bath as quickly as possible (without a tampon) and hope not to make a mess (we're talking a bath in 5 minutes or less)...then I increased the time a little more with every bath. I have learned that you don't bleed *that much* in that short of period of time.'ll bleed even less lying down. I still prefer baths to showers...and my average bath (during my period) now lasts near 45 minutes...without the water turning red.

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    As a woman you should know that water stops the blood! So, no the bath tube doesn't get full of blood!

    But, be careful don't use cold water! And it's better not to take baths on the first day, to prevent a cold!

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    take a bath by taking warm water from the filled tub by using a small bucket and pour on yourself out sde the tub. .to stop the blood temp try getting your head wet

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    yes, the blood stops coming out, a warm bth relaxes your muscles and is very good for cramps, and no the blood doesnt get full of blood

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    You may use a tampon to prevent the water to become red and dirty. But its better for you to take a shower instead of bath to prevent soap to come inside you.

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    You get interior the bathe, as quickly as in there your bypass ought to decelerate, or cease and as quickly as you're finished, dry off and get your underclothes on, positioned on your pad, and end drying off and getting dressed. purely in case there remains some bypass, use a dismal towel to help evade seen stains. it relatively is approximately all you're able to do except you opt to purpose tampons. there's no longer something to be terrified of with them. they do no longer injury if inserted precise(no longer confusing to do) and as long as you p.c.. the absorbency point precise for you.

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    i havent or wont take a shower on my period. the only reason why people suggest to take a warm bath during periods because of cramps. the warm water soothes the cramps.

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    it will only come out if you contract your pelvic muscles a few times, but then you don't produce enough blood to make water red anyway

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