I,m sending this questions to mature girls, nurse, and doctors.?

,m sending this questions to mature girls, nurse, and doctors.?

my friend is having her monthly period very two months but b4 she use to see it everymonth and she started seeeing it every two moth since last year.she is 21 years old. can sombody tell me if she is normal? but she has gone to see her doctor last year but he said that she is o.k that it is d tpye of body she has. pls tell me something

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    Sometimes skipping one or two periods or being very irregular can be as simple as having had a cold or flu. If your friends period is delayed 3 months or more, she needs to see a physician about it. If she is just too uncomfortable now she may need to see physician for medicine (a progesterone type medication to start menses. is your friend over/under wieght as this sometimes can cause irregular periods, also stress can be a major factor. good luck to your friend.

  • John C
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    1 decade ago

    It's true, the length between periods can vary.

    The only important thing is that she has periods consistently. If the pattern becomes erratic, then that is the yellow flag that might signal a problem.

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