本人於63年6月25日出生於嘉義市,家中成員四名, 先父3年前仙逝,母今年57歲,目前務農,家管、姊今年36歲,九年前嫁為人妻,兄今年34歲,已婚,目前人在高雄從事建築業。自小父母對子女之教育相當重視,對子女的期望相當的高,希望將來皆有一番成就。父母為使我們有良好的就學環境,辛苦賺錢,貸款購買了一棟離學校相當近的房子,只是希望我們的成就能超越他們。




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    I beg to state,

    I was born in a family, in Chiayi, with another 4 members, Dad, has passed away; Mom, 57-year-old housewife and engaged in cultivation; my sister, 36 year-old, has been a housewife for 9 years; my brother, married, devoteds himself to building industry. My parents have been emphasize the education, get a big hope on the children, hoping that they will have some achievements. To creat a good study environment, my parents had a loan on a house, near the school, only to hope that we would surpass them one day.

    My grades in elementary school were just fine. In the 7th grade, I was ranked within the first 10 students at school. In 8th grade, my spending too much time on art led to the poor result in my study; therefore,Father scolded me on that, but I still kept quite high interest in art. In college, I chose to study mechanics considering my future after school. I served as art leader of Science committee. I was quite proud of those 2 things. After graduating, I enlisted in the army for 2 years. Meanwhile, I learned how to cope with people and importance of cooperation; I am also glad for making more friends. After army, the job I did was confined. I thought it wouldn't help me in upgrading myself, so I made up my mind to quit it, looking for one more suitable and ideal.

    I came to FuChio Industry 6 years ago as a machine maintenance worker at the beginning. After one year, I changed to take in charge of managing and purchasing machine parts. Our company treated workers well and I learnt a lot, which excited me. Consequently, I have been sticking to my position till now. However, people always hope to get better chance and enhance themselves more, making more money.

    As the above statement, I am highly intrigued by the job you provide. Besides, you have quite well-organized system for workers, such as training. I hope to get the chance to work for you. I will do my best and I believe that I am competent.

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