would u work in home health?

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    i think every aspect of healthcare takes a special person.

    home health isn't one of those areas i care for. i need to have the adrenaline rush and constant chaos and crazyness in order to thrive so i've found that the trauma icu and the trauma room in the er work best for me.

    home health is a wonderful field to connect closely with your patient but it takes dedication and alot of patience. these types of patients are generally homebound and frustrated about it. but some of them are warm,happy people and are very grateful for your care.

    it's all about finding your niche within the health care system. trying different things out is the only way to find your "home". i've worked everywhere in the hospital-med/surg,labor & delivery,pediatrics, and the er. i love the icu-it's fast paced and high stress-something i just work well in

    good luck to you if this is something you are looking into!!

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    Maybe it depends on what you are doing.

    I was a home health aide for about 3 years one time and it wasnt so bad. Had a couple of bad incidents but overall it was ok. Not great money but ok.

    Then I have worked in home health services as an ooccupational therapy assistant and to put it nicely I would rather work at Burger King then do that again. The problem was that parents of the kids I worked with (even though they had scheduled the appointments) wouldnt be there or answer the door. It was hard and frustrating. It was my full time job for about 9 months. I covered 2 counties and put at least 150 miles day on the car. Whether it was raining, snowing or on the verge of a hurricane. Needless to say I hated it. Sometimes I do it as PRN (to fill in) but would never do it again full time, despite many offers I have had and the fact I could get paid much more.

    I will tell you one thing when you go to someones house remember that you are on thier turf, be aware that many people (especially the elderly) cherish thier homes and you need to remember to respect that.

    Also a draw back to being on thier turf is not knowing what to expect. Some of the things I have experienced working in home health is:

    Having a lady have a stroke. Its scary when your alone

    Having a guy on disabilty have a meth lab in his garage.

    Having a couple get into an arguement which led into weapons being drawn.

    But on a good side there were some instances where I felt I was able to really bond with my patients because of the environment of being in thier comfort zone. Its much personal and its kinda neat sometimes.

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    I worked in home health for almost 3 years. The pay is not good, so I wouldnt finance a huge education bill to go into it. Its a good job to have as a student, esp if you need health care experience. Most home health jobs are easy to get, and what they lack in pay they make up for in what you gain in people skills.

    PS If you happen to be one of those "angry" people, just dont do it.

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    I'm a Medic but I know lots of nurses that do it and find it very fulfilling and rewarding. You get more one on one pt contact and can really get to know your pt instead of a hospital setting where you only see the pt briefly a couple times a day.

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    prob not

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