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I have a really close friend who's a girl. (both juniors) I used to like her a lot, for like over a year, and I tried asking her out this summer and kinda got rejected. I gave up and instead helped her out with this other guy. They've been together for half a year now, and have only kissed once. Since I hang out with her so often, he thinks I'm trying to steal her from him, and hates me and spreads rumours about me. I wouldn't steal her from him, I gave up, and I have enough decency not to wreck a relationship like that. Well, basically, my question is what should I do about this guy? He's a complete dick, in my opinion. Not just the jealousy thing, but his whole personality. I've tried staying away from her so he wouldn't get as pissed off, but we're too good of friends to do that. I don't want to hurt her at all, and I don't want to ruin the relationship, but I just have to do something about this kid.


well chris, that's what I think too. but this is his first serious girlfriend, and he has no clue what he's doing.

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    if u dont voice out (or if he isnt willing to talk to u abt his insecurities the matter isnt gonna get fixed) so u got to talk to him.sounds cheesy,but talking is the only sensible thing u can do.

    it just seesm that he is insecure.u can also ask ur close friend to talk to her bf.she should re-assure him that no one is gonna steal her away from him.although its not good to be extremely possessive or insecure (coz it shows your negative traits) ...

    your situation is something like mine,jus that my close friend is a guy n i did like him but he only treated me as a friend n now he is with d gir; who is now his gf n she is sooooo possessive n insecure!!she doesnt even like me talking to him,n wants him not to talk ot his other female friends.although he seems more formal now,after he has a gf,we r stil in touch but my feelings for him has subsided due to various reason.n looking at the bright side i tink i deserve someone better.n i think so do YOu!!

    gd luck

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    All are acquaintances and human beings.... Theres not something distinction between contact and genuine acquaintances... each and every acquaintances we meet as a Stranger and then we get to entice close... would not count number number even if its on-line or genuine... All are similar ;) a minimum of internet acquaintances are better sympathy on us than the acquaintances in genuine existence..

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    If he was that worried about losing her, he'd kiss her a little more.

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    you have to decide.


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