I have 2 questions, actually...I oil paint. Need techniques to paint "glass" and "candle light"

I want to learn how to paint glass vases and also need the perfect colors to paint light (ex. candle light and night scenes with stars..etc.) Haven't found anything online. Would be interested in books available on these techniques. Thanks for any help!!!

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    In both cases, the trick is to use a lot of white and linseed oil. Glass is easy, because it doesn't require a lot of precision (if you're doing realism). Are you painting from "life"? The best thing to do is to look at glass, but stop seeing it as an object, just look at it's qualities. Often it's best to paint glass "last," on "top" of the background, using the background to incorporate into the glass object. Then distort and mute it using the white (with linseed oil) with long strokes (as transparent as possible) and add reflections. Be "light-handed," and even a little sloppy. Transparency is key, which is best obtained using linseed oil.

    As for "candle light"--that is harder (at least for me). Again, use white, and yellow ocher, and again, use linseed oil. It might help to look at paintings that have candle light as a subject. The Baroque artists used a lot of candle light, to demonstrate a sharp contrast between light and shadow. A particular painting that comes to mind is Artemesia Gentileschi's "Judith and her Maidservant" (Sorry, it's not letting me copy it, but you'll find it if you goggle it.)

    Good luck, and practice!

    Oh, and in the case of glass, make sure you work while the paint is wet! Once dry, it's not going to give you the effect you want.

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    The very best thing to do is ask someone you know who paints also, such as a teacher or friend. when paintings glass all I can say is practice, practice, practice. The great thing about painting on glass is that you can erase a whole lot easier, if you mess up, then on a canvase. tecquniques for making light is that you have to use more than white. often for stars I use a little bit of yellow mixed in with my white just dont completely mix them. the diffrence in the color while painting maks it look better. when using the candle light use a little bit of orange in the white. the same goes for mixing it though dont mix it all the way. below are a couple web sites that might help you. I also would suggest doing a search on amazon.com for painting instruction books. you might be able to find the title and then go to the library and ask for it.



    hope these help :)

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    The Blue Room at the White House With the Blues Boys Up in the "Wild Blue Yonder" On the "Blue Moon"

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