Colleges with astronomy majors?

Where are some colleges that have a MAJOR for astronomy in New England or just outside of New England?


I do not want a minor, I would like a major. I would also like it to be a four year school. Have had many difficulty with finding a school that is what I'm looking for.

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    Most colleges and universities do not have a separate astronomy major at the undergraduate level. Rather, they have departments of physics wherein students may specialize in astronomy.

    I recommend that you check out Vassar College, where you can indeed major in astronomy. The department was founded by Maria Mitchell! There is a marvelous new observatory, and there are many opportunities to do independent summer research projects in astronomy with professors. (These sorts of projects will be superb for your graduate school applications. Astronomers must have PhDs.)

    I've placed below many links with valuable information about the astronomy major at Vassar.

    And if Vassar is not to your liking, check out MIT. And Princeton, even though it is in New Jersey. :)

    Best wishes to you!

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