Applying for a U.S. Postal Service job-what are they looking for in the background check?Any misdemeanors?

Five years ago I was convicted with a misdemeanor charge(shoplifting). Went to Court-no jail time-payed fines.

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    Just be honest on your application and reveal your conviction. it might take a little more time to be hired as they will request a court record. It's still better than omitting it and getting fired after you have the job for falsifying your application.

    A misdemeanor conviction does not disqualify you. Just be prepared to explain what you have learned from that experience and how great your work ethic is now.

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    any federal service background investigation is checking to see not just what you did, but what you did about it. It's pretty unrealistic to get a boy (or girl) scout every time, and having convictions in your past isn't necessarily an automatic no. They'll check to see if you've done your sentence.

    Other things they'll consider:

    previous employment (unemployed a lot, or moved quickly from job to job?)

    past addresses (have you moved around a lot?)

    credit history (is your credit in the toilet, and if so, are you doing anything about it?)

    drug/alcohol abuse?

    There are more, but those are the biggies.

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    I had a cousin who worked in this area, and my dad tried out for it when he was younger. You must be over a certain age, must have no driving tickets/accidents over a 5 year period, and you have to work your way up to driving the truck. My cousin had seniority and worked for UPS.

    These jobs are highly sought after and therefore have strict requirements, especially since you will be driving their vehicles with valuable material.

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