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Is time travel possible?

Is time travel possible? Why?

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    Scientists have recently performed an experiment with (I believe) selenium filled chambers. They would shoot a laser through these chambers in a morse code manner. The laser would exit the chamber before all of it entered.

    This is time travel, since the light got to the other side before it entered. It seems possible, at least with light. But it will take many more decades and a larger collective intelligence before humankind figures out how to shoot actual matter through time.

    Moreover, atomic clocks experience time travel. The faster you move, the slower time becomes. (Hence the thinking that the speed of light is key to time travel.) Multiple experiments have shown that time for an atomic clock traveling in an airplane is slower than the atomic clock on land.

    Time travel is possible. But as of yet, we can't travel into the past with any of the experiments. We are also limited in technology in that the maximum speed we can attain still only travels by an insignificant amount of time into the future.

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      Ok theoretically Time travel is possible, But if it was possible why can't we see any one from future now.

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    YES in one direction: the future.

    To do so, you need a very fast spaceship which can travel to a substantial fraction of the speed of light. You will experience time contraction along the following formula

    t' = root (1 -v^2/c^2)*t where

    t' is the time you experience

    t is the time experienced by a stationary observer (e.g earth)

    v is your speed

    c the speed of light.

    For example if you were to travel at 10% of the speed of light, you would experience a time contraction of

    99.498% Not very impressive.

    But at 50%, time contraction would be 86.60%

    at 90%, it would be 43.58%

    at 99%, it would be 14.10%

    at 99.9%, it would be 4.47%

    So if you could get a spaceship to reach 99.9% of the speed of light, and maintain this speed for 4.47 years, on your return to earth 100 years would have gone by. Fly for 44.7 years, and come back to earth 1000 years later.

    So in PRINCIPLE you CAN travel FORWARD in time.

    Practically there are some snags. With increasing speed , just like time contracts, your mass augments in the same proportion (e.g. if time runs 10x slower, your mass is 10x higher. So to experience the same force on your seat, you would need to scale down your acceleration since your mass increased (remember F=ma). Also it would become increasingly difficult to move at those speeds and probably your body would suffer serious trauma (for example each heartbeat would require so much more energy).

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    Time Travel is possible,but we only proof that we can go to future

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    No. If some one says it is ,it is possible only in sci-fic movie. There is a paradox called grand father's murder. Suppose time travel was possible. One travels back in time and goes to the time of his grand father's childhood and kills him.If his grand father is killed as a child how could his father and in he turn he exist?This leads to absurd results. Hence time travel itis agreed is not possible.

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    no one yet is if it is possible, but we already experienced the time dilation, the slowing down of the time as an object travels closer to the speed of light, from the 1960's until today. the longest record was when the Russian cosmonauts orbit the earth for more than 2 yrs. in the 1960's and they travel 0.02 seconds to the past.

    And if they were much faster than they were, they would travel farther back to the past.

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    theoretically, it is possible to travel forward in time. you must travel faster than the speed of light. that will slow down your aging while everything on earth stays the same. when you slow down you will not have changed as much as that around you. however, it is not possible theoretically or not to go back in time.

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    I will be possible because if time goes this way, there must a way to make it go the other way. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It's just a matter of wether or not we know how

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    this is a disputed topic. we know abt. a fourth dimension called time which as important as length, breadth or height. This can be trvelled but we need some technology. I think it will be possible in future...

    you may also read The Time Machine by HG Wells

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    Travelling backwards through time is impossible, but we travel forwards through time constantly.

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