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Why do South Africa and some states of the USA fail to recognize the Armenian Holocaust?

looking at this political map one can see the entire African continent isn't too concerned, the same with most of Europe and some parts of the USA. south america is a joke, while Canada and Australia both actually fully understand everything.

why deny such a thing? it just shows you are a callous nation full of corruption and human rights abuses.

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    The Armenian Holocaust has been forgotten since it happened. When discussing the final solution Hitler was asked how the world would overlook doing what he planned. He answered that the world had forgotten what happened to the Armenians, why would this be any different?

    The fact is that American education is not global. Most Americans couldn't find Turkey on a map let alone ever heard of Armenia or any holocaust.

  • I haven't heard much about, but what I have heard makes it sound like a forced removal of the Aremenians from their homeland for legitimate military goals (much in the same way Jap.-Americans were treated in WW2). The Aremenians were helping the Russians fight the Turks, and would have been a hostile presence within Turkish lines during an invasion. Although the way in which the Turks removed the Aremenians is inexcusable, totally outweighing any legitamate goal the Turks could expect.

    PS: Beware of Big Brother

    NO government should ban the free discussion of any legitamte topic regardless of how ludicrous it is. I'd rather have nut-jobs deny than holocaust than have the government regulating the academic field.

    Source(s): WW1 documentary on the Discovery Channel
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    apparently it has, we've considered 1000's of thousands upon 1000's of thousands of illegals flooding into the country (some from so a procedures as Morocco) interior the perfect 10 years, estimates are everywhere between 10, 15 and 20 million. regardless of the indisputable fact that our inhabitants consensus nonetheless sits at 40 six 000 000??!!! all the illegals should be right here for a reason, they ought to have a dream too, even even if it really is basically promoting drugs or prostitution. the only problem the SA authorities forgot to confirm into their domicile progression equations is that the illegals do not arrive into SA with a house strapped to their decrease back and a pastime furnish in hand. what's the point of creating 2 million properties, yet letting in 10 million plus illegals?

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    "Why deny such a thing?"

    Why insist on recognition? What do we get actually if the whole world recognizes it or denies it? What changes?

    Turkey does not recongize it because there will be further demands.

    Armenia wants it recognized because they are after benefit. Money or soil from Turkey.

    World don't care because world actually do not care about anything. Can we stop Palestine genocide? Can we stop Darfur genocide?

    Politics is not childplay. It's not so easy. So stop calling people callous. What did you do for Darfur? Have you heard it actually? What do you think about Tibet?


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    i think there are only politick reasons .politik kill in people heart thats why turks can say that some armenians were killed(over one million armenians were killed its over 80 percent of armenian living in turkey by that time and 30 percent of armenians in the world) first all men where killed who could fight turks feard armenians then whomen, children and old mans where killed in ter zor.and knowing this how can normal man say that its lie.

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    I do not believed that a genocide occured. yes some armenians were killed but Turks as well.

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    Never heard of it.

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