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Howe can I get my messenger to work on this new computer??

I just got this new puter about 1 month ago.. And I have not been able to use my messenger ever since.. I even went so far as to add the yahoo tool bar, but NO DICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 So any one, please help me.. My Mom was im'ing me for quite a while, but since I got this new computer and haven't been able to get the messenger to work on here............. so, HELP!!!!

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    i am gona tray for you.

    first of all Go in Control Panel then Add Remove Programe

    and after that remove that messenger you have in side.

    when you remove YAHOO MESSENGER.

    AFTER that just open internet explore and

    you will see near to serch opstions WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER PROVIDED BY YAHOO.SO JUST GET IT.....

    After that when instalation comlite then make YAHOO as your home page and then you will see Yahoo messenger.and then install it on your pc.And i hope you will never get this problem agine.

    if my answer dont help or any other problem you can send me mail agine.i am happ to help.


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