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可5可以話我知Dark Knight Strikes Again 講什麼

可5可以話我知Dark Knight Strikes Again 講什麼

我仲想知more about batman thx


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    Here is the story.

    After going underground, Batman (Bruce Wayne) and his young sidekick, Catgirl (Carrie Kelly, Robin from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns), train an army of "batboys" to save the world from a "police-state" dictatorship. In a series of raids on government facilities, Batman's soldiers release from captivity aging superheroes including The Atom, The Flash and Plastic Man. Elongated Man is recruited from his job as a commercials spokesman, and Green Arrow was already working with Batman (as seen in the end of TDKR). Superman, working for the government, is ordered by the "President" (a front for Lex Luthor and Brainiac) to stop Batman. He confronts Wayne at the Batcave, but is defeated by Batman and the other superheroes.

    Meanwhile, Batman's raids have not gone unnoticed by the media. After being banned for years, the freed superheroes have recaptured the public imagination, becoming a fad among youth. At a concert for the pop group "The Superchix", Batman and the other heroes make a public appearance, urging their fans to rebel against the oppressive government.

    During this time, rogue vigilante The Question spies on Luthor's plans, scribbling out a journal to record the misdeeds of those in power. He attempts to convince the Martian Manhunter, now an aged, bitter, near-powerless figure with his mind filled with Luthor's nanotechnology, to stand up against Superman and the powers that be. The two are soon attacked by a figure who physically resembles the Joker but is seemingly invulnerable to injury, and the Martian Manhunter sacrifices his life as The Question is rescued by Green Arrow. The villain escapes, and is depicted throughout the three issue series killing The Guardian, The Creeper and likely other heroes who came out of retirement.

    An alien monster lands in Metropolis and begins to destroy the city, but Batman, convinced it is a trap, does not respond. Superman and Captain Marvel come out of hiding to fight the threat, but the monster is revealed to be Brainiac, who coerces Superman (using the bottle city of Kandor) into losing the battle in order to crush the people's faith in superheroes. Captain Marvel is killed defending citizens from the carnage, but Superman is saved by his and Wonder Woman's daughter, who has been carefully hidden by the pair until now. She destroys Brainiac's monster body, but now that the government knows she exists they demand she be handed over.

    Realizing Batman was right after all, Superman, Wonder Woman, and their daughter join him and assist in his plan, destroying the power source of the dictatorship and inciting revolution. Batman is captured and tortured by Luthor, who plans to use satellites to destroy Metropolis but is thwarted by the now god-like Green Lantern; Luthor is subsequently killed by the son of Hawkman. Returning to the Batcave, Batman receives a communication from Carrie: she is being attacked by the same psychopath who dispatched the Martian Manhunter and other heroes. Batman recognizes the assailant as Dick Grayson, the first Robin, who has been genetically manipulated and is criminally insane. Unable to kill Grayson by any other means, Batman blows up the entire cave, igniting an underground volcano, only to be saved by Superman at the last minute and brought to Carrie in the Batmobile.

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