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童心 asked in 娛樂與音樂電影 · 1 decade ago






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    1 decade ago
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    Ethan Stoller - BKAB 這網址可以試聽 ....Ethan Stoller

    女聲是 : Arthi Meera

    Bkab這首歌找不到歌詞....Arthi Meera她有一付精緻的歌聲 ...Arthi Meera市面上從未發表這首歌 ....這首歌是匿名寄來的試唱帶 ....(大概是這樣翻譯的 )


    You won't find the lyrics for "BKAB" anywhere because they're just a mixed-up collage of words from the two songs I sampled.

    PS :Arthi Meera has an exquisite voice, but she doesn't appear on "BKAB." It's an anonymous sample CD singer woman

    補充說明 : 片尾曲順序


    片尾曲 (1 ) The Rolling Stone - Street Fighting Man

    歌 詞 : Street Fighting Man

    片尾曲 (2 ) Arthi Meera - BKAB

    片尾曲 (3 ) Spiritualized - Out of Sight

    2007-01-11 16:47:04 補充:

    試聽是在 ~~ BKAB Speechless

    Source(s): + 我回答過 ...
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