looking for the artist and song title for the theme song of the80's australian t.v show named SWEET AND SOUR.

the chourus goes "sometimes the wind blows fast and slow, life can be Sweet & Sour, but I am in control" from what wikipedia said it was released by the artist " Sharon O'neil" but searches are inconclusive, and im gettin frustrated. PLEASE HELP?!

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    The title song of the series was written by Sharon O'Neill who also recorded the song in 1987. Deborah Conway was actor Tracey Mann's 'singing voice' and performed the hit Sweet & Sour. Music was directed by Martin Armiger. The list of recording musicians includes Tommy Emmanuel, Chris Bailey, Graham Bidstrup, Eric McCusker (Mondo Rock), Red Symons (Skyhooks), Todd Hunter (Dragon) and Reg Mombassa (Mental As Anything). Actors in the show included Robin Copp, Ric Herbert, Sandra Lillington, Tracy Mann, Arky Michael, David Reyne, Megan Williams, Jane Clifton, Daniel Abineri.

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    Try checking the link below. It has quite a bit of info about the tv show, including cast, etc. It also states Sharon O'Neil wrote most of the songs for the show.

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