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Do most Protestants know that the first Protestant was a Catholic priest with a strong devotion to Mary?

Martin Luther was the first break from the one universal Catholic Church and start the first denomination of what would today be over 33,000 different Protestant divisions in the Church.

But what most Protestants probably don't know is that Martin Luther had a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He also strongly believed in the ancient teaching of the Church that Mary was ever virgin.



Ever Virgin meaning she remained a virgin her whole life.

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    a lot of protestans know that. and a lot of protestants believe that the virgin mary was always a virgin. it's not so unusual.

    but what i didn't know was that there are more than 33,000 different protestant divisions. i'm a methodist, but i only knew of luthernan, presbyterian, baptist, evangelical, and anglican.

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    Martin Luther was the first to break from the Catholic Church? What about the Montanists or the Gnostics? I wouldn’t say that he was "the first" to break off from the Roman Catholic Church, as in he was excommunicated by Pope Leo X in 1521 with the Papal Bull Decet Romanum Pontificem. I would suggest that you do a bit more research on history rather than sharpening your polemic skills in defence of the RCC.

    Luther's views on the Blessed Virgin does not diminish nor threaten what the Lutheran Church confesses, teaches and believes. I too believe that Mary remained a perpetual virgin and she is an excellent example of a great Christian woman. He and we do not accept the extra doctrines on the Virgin Mother that are outside of or fly in the face of the Holy Scriptures.



    It pretty much has been established through his Sermons and writtings that Martin Luther had a reverance for the Virgin Mary. I am Lutheran and I don't doubt that he held this view. If you need more information, I can dig it up after work.

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    Martin Luther paved the way for others to think and speak out. This is why so many Protestants honor him. We see him as one in a succession of men who paved the way for the Protestant Reformation.

    Most Protestants do not agree with his beliefs or we would all be Lutherans. Sad that most would ignore the scriptures about Mary having children by Joseph.

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    Martin Luther also believed in Christ's presence in the Eucharist as well as in the Sacrament of Confession. He is given a lot more credit than he is due. All he did was plant the seed. He did not do much except translate the Bible into German, Sola Scriptura and Sola Feda. Other than that, he was a good Catholic. He did not want to leave the Church, he was planning to change it from the inside, but to to nationalism and other circumstances, he had to leave the Church.

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    Actually, the Pope excommunicated him. He wanted to remain Catholic and lead a Catholic revolution but the Pope saw him as a dangerous deviant and booted him out.

    About Mary...

    So. What's your point? Mary is a big deal for all Christians. It's just that Protestants don't pray to her. We save our prayers for the Lord Almighty. And as far as I know most Protestants accept the idea of the virgin birth. Am I wrong about that?

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    Martin Luther King was not the first protestant. Sorry. OO

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    I grew up a methodist. That was taught in my confirmation class. Protestants do believe that Mary was a virgin. And your point is?

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    I would imagine most protestants went to grade school where they learned about martin luther.

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    So as Zwingli... they are all Catholics... but whats new about that??? Besides... the Catholic Church now does not use the term "Protestant" because they are not anymore "protesting" on something. They are all called Non-Catholic.

    Source(s): I am a Theology Teacher.
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    I'm a Missouri Synod Lutheran and all of what you said seemed like common sense to me!

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