which side are the libs going to be in this on going saga?

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    1 decade ago
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    If I, as a Christian, refused to carry muslims in my taxi because their women wouldn't take off their headgear, I'd be prosecuted and thrown in jail for a hate crime. But muslim-perpetrated discrimination, even going so far as anti-Semitism, is celebrated. Jimmy Carter, case in point. These swine we so nicely call muslims can get away with murder, but Christians (to the liberals) are the real enemy. It makes no sense. The only way to understand what these idiot liberals spew is to look at it in the light of a mental disorder, which is what it is. Good question, good link. Too bad the liberals have ignored it

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    1 decade ago

    As a Liberal I'll give you THE side! (the side of the constitution)

    First question. Are these drivers licensed by a regulatory government body or taxi commission? If so, and they are violating the commission's rules (which I am 99.99% sure they would be doing), then they should loose their licenses. End of story. If they use their religious beliefs to discriminate under the law, then they get the boot. Muslim, Christian or whatever. If they are just some guy with a car, unregulated, then they are free to pick up, or drive past, whomever they want. Just like you and I are.

    Same deal with state licensed pharmacy employees who refuse to sell contraceptives based on religious beliefs. No different whatsoever. They are law breakers and need to be dealt with accordingly with loss of licensure.

    This is what happens when people bring their religions into the public/government realm.

    Source(s): Great quote from this article...... <<It is about the sum total of civilized societies and the rule of secular laws. Intrusions upon these systems in the name of God......>> I rest my "Liberal" case. P.S. The hateful and bigoted cro-mag who posted above me (Alex B) is part of the problem. Same garbage as those cabbies, he's just in a different tribe.
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    This liberal thinks Prime Minister Howard summed things up pretty well. If they're going to live and work in our country let them do so according to our laws, not Islamic Law. I'd say it's up to Milwaukee to see to it that laws will be drawn up and adhered to in order to bring this kind of nonsense to a stop.

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    As an exreme liberal I can tell you that almost no one will support the drivers.

    Those are the conditions of the job. You don't like it, get another job.

    But shouldn't the same thing go for pharmacists that refuse to fill birth control prescriptions or Plan B because it's against their reliefs?

    You'll have to work a whole lot harder to find some example of our support for people you want to think are terrorists.

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    The part about them not carrying a passenger with alcohol because they did not want to participate in sin smacked of pharmacists not filling birth control for customers because it was against their moral and religious beliefs. What ever happened to them? Any way, I think if you are hired to do a job, you should do it, or lose it.

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    what a ridiculous article... the supposition that the dreaded Muslims have to somehow adhere to our secular vision of Cab Drivers boarders on the totally inane.. were it not so thinly veiled.

    Me Lib?..It's progressive, ....stupid, .. Let them find another cab.

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    Fire them!!! IF they can not perform their jobs then they need to be shown to the door!! Companies can not afford to hire them if they are refusing to provide services that are part of the job.

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    what are you going to do. it is a free country that emphasized free enterprise.

    by the way, I want you to see another link on the oil question I posed.


    you might note the "date" on that one.

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    Well... if the drivers own the cars, they can do as they please... but if its a company car... thats the whole church and state thing. They should not be imposing their beliefs on others like that.

    and the libs... they will go which ever way that the minority loud public will go.

  • What Muslims dont have a right to practice their religion and christians do?

    How is it their fault if they are devout in their practices and beliefs and in how they apply their belief.

    Christians just talk about their belief and very rarely apply it.

    I see no problem with that article especially in a country that garauntees freedom of religion

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