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ive been playing socom us navy seals combined assualt and apperently you get a knife but i dont seem to have 1

ive looked in the equipment setup and through my inventory and control scheme but i cant find it help me plz

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    Umm this is the military, not the video game section...

    Search on Google for game guides, they really help. Or ask in the Games section or Consumer Elect. section.

    SOCOM US Navy SEALs combined, haha, I always hated that game... If you want more realistic military games, go for America's Army or better, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.. GRAW isn't actually military Sim with the Us army training like in AA, but it is a very good combat simulator that shows you the reality of combat and aiming in a video game oppose to those games where you just place the cross hairs and automatically hit... Wind speed, movement and all other factors matter.. However you do still get a reticule, or a cross hairs...

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