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Is Lou Holtz such a blind homer that he will predict Notre Dame will win the BCS Championship tonight?

Sure Notre Dame isn't even in this game but Lou Holtz is such a green eyed Homer he probably will predict an Irish win!!! Just last week he predicted an Irish win against LSU who pounded Notre Dame into next year!!! He also predicted they would beat Michigan and USC!!!! The man is making predictions with his heart and not his head!!! By the way. . . I think Lou Holtz is the Illegitimate love child of former Cubs broadcaster Harry Carrey and cartoon character Sylvester the cat. Just lisssssssten to hissssss sssssslobbering lisssssssp!!! HA HA HA HA.. I know that is a low blow but it is still funny!!! Speaking of low blows. . . did you hear bill clinton. . . . HA HA HA!


Don't get your panties in a bunch folks. . I actually like Lou Holtz but he is a terrible homer!! He's like a little kid who thinks his pop warner team can beat the best in the NFL. Which is ironic if you think of it. . . because there probably are some pop warner teams out there who could score 50 poinst on Notre Dames infamous SEIVE defense!!!

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    well, he makes up for mark may who has predicted notre dame to be 1-11 this year and said they would start out 0-6

    what a effing retard

    how can that guy get paid to be so stupid?

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    Boy, you were pretty tough on Lou. He isn't actually a young guy you know. In fact, he's pretty smart. He did NOT pick Notre Dame to win tonight. Instead, He has South Carolina defeating Arkansas in a close one.

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    He's a total Dome homer and is going senile too!

    9 straight bowl losses - LOSERS!

    Fight On!

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    hehe, thanks for the laugh.. i needed that.

    notre dame is overrated. they got soundly thrashed by the three good teams they played this year..

    if Ohio State loses tonight, personally, i think Louisville deserves to be crowned the Champs. they dominated everyone they played (except for one tough road loss to a then unbeaten rutgers team)

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    wouldn't put it past him. just like i'm sure micheal irvin is still calling the cowboys the team to beat in the NFC

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    your a jerk lou holtz is a respected person of sports so shut up asshole

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    ur the biggest homo ever. you should be shot

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