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Is it safe to run while pregnant?

I normally run 3 miles a day... can I continue this through pregnancy.... and if not, when do I need to stop. I know exercising is good for you while pregnant, I just don't want to over do it.... thank you!

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    Some doctors will say yes, it's safe, some will say that it isn't.

    But in reality it all depends on you. Do you see yourself as weak? Is your body strong?

    If you don't see yourself as weak, and have a low body weight, and very low stomach/back fat, then sure, go right ahead, you'll feel your limits. If there comes a point when you feel as though it's affecting your womb, than stop.

    If you see yourself as weak, or as having stomach/back fat, then I suggest you seriously don't. Although the fat may seem like it's protecting the baby, it's really harming it. Why? Because your fat will move rapidly up and down as you're running, and while that's good exersize, it will seriously affect the womb.

    There are other ways to exersize, you can do light yoga, or brisk walking, or areobics.

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    You should be sure to ask your OB, but as long as you don't have a high risk pregnancy, it should be fine to continue your regular work out routine until you start showing. It's not generally recommended to keep running once you start showing because the extra weight of the baby really throws off your balance and you could fall and hurt yourself or the baby. If you're worried about harming the baby, continue your three miles, but walk them. It's still good exercise and your chances of falling are much less.

    And remember to eat more. Running really burns calories and a pregnant women should eat 300 calories more per day than she normally does - especially women who are working out so much!

    Good luck keeping up with the running, if it's okay'd by your doctor. I hardly had the energy to get out of bed during my first trimester, let alone get up and exercise!!

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    First of all every person is different as is every pregnancy. My doctor told me that I could continue with my normal activities including exercise. My boss shortly after I had my daughter got pregnant and jogged three days a week all the way up until a few weeks before she had her son. I saw her jog. I couldn't have done that but she was used to it, it was part of her routine. It is important to ask your health care provider what they think first. They all have different opinions. The safety of your little one is the most important thing. Also if your health care provider is not keen on your running, there are several fit pregnancy classes available at gyms and hospitals. Good Luck.

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    Actually that would be a question you should ask your doctor. Some doctors say that running alot while pregnant isn't good but others say otherwise. Just talk to your doctor about what kind of exercise would be good for you.

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    As long as you normally did it, go for it. You might have to adjust the length of your run the farther along you are and really watch your body if it tells you to quit.

    Listen to your body that is the best and most important thing to do. Staying in great shape makes your pregnancy easier, labor and delivery better and your recovery also. You will bounce back quick.

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    i would ask your doctor, my doctor said that it was ok for me to continue danceing even though i was pregnant, that was when i 5 months and under, there is no way i can do it now with a big huge belly, but i used to play DDR at home with my neice and nephew and she said it was prefectly fine as long as i have been doing it on a daily bases, she just doesnt want me running miles when i normally dont, BUT, just to be safe i would ask your doctor.

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    why don't you try walking the three miles. I don't know how far into pregnancy your suppose to stop running. I do know that by you running it could lead to the baby moving around and the umbilical cord looping around the baby neck. Talk to your gyn.

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    yes you can run but you shouldn't do too much that's going to make you more fatigued. exercise is good during pregnancy but so is rest and relaxation; listen to your bodies cues; if you have to stop jogging and do a slow walk then do that.... good luck and congratulations!!! :)

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    Running is a no no-brisk walking and swimming are safe though.My doctor said specifically not to run-it can do harm to your growing baby and increases you chance of miscarriage.

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    Ask the doc, but Paula Radcliffe was still doing 10k runs at six months.

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