Is it a real child that you writes you when donate to save the children?

Does anyone know for sure?


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    I have seen the Save the Children pamplets, and everyone of them have the same word for word "personal" story. I do not believe the children actually write you. I have written notes to some of the children we sponsered and never got a reply that would go with the letter I wrote to them.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sure there are legitimate agencies, however.....

    my father donated to one for a long time, then the agency contacted him and said for some reason they had to change children. (seems harmless enough, right). The next month he got a new letter and supposedly a new child, but the picture was the same girl he had been sponsoring with a different name.

    Granted it could have just been a mistake, but I'm a little leary.

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    I seriously doubt it.....they probably make copies over and over...most of those children are not educated enough to write a letter....I do believe in charity,but a lot of it is just gemmicks..By the time they pay someone to go over there to those counties,an advertise on Tv,and and write all those letters and all those stamps I doubt there is much left for those kids.....Take Marlo Thomas for instance she pays to go on tv and ask for money for St.Judes hospital....She is trying to carry out her fathers work..Now I believe in that charity because they are not trying to make money for themselves....Danny Thomas opened that hospital with money he made from the Danny Thomas you really have to be careful....but i know that is a good charity.....

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    Now you know you know the answer to that question...heck noo. And that is a terrible shame, because people really donate to that organization and the kids are really poor. What a shameful way to take money from people who really need it.

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    Some times yes and some times no, it depend on the foundation you deals with and how impartial it is, many foundations are corrupted so you have to be careful with the one you donate. Good luck.

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    I like your avatar! it looks like a well tanned Charlie Brown!

    oh...and I don't know if those kids actually write, but it appears to me that if they are that poor, they probably don't have schools, so where would they learn to scribe?


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