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What is the definition of a team? What qualities make a good team?

How important are the personalities of the people. Does the size of a team make a difference? What about the goals? Do you want everyone to be top talent?

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    What is the definition of team?

    1. a number of persons forming one of the sides in a game or contest: a football team.

    2. a number of persons associated in some joint action: a team of advisers.

    3. to join together in a team.

    4. to drive a team.

    5. to gather or join in a team, a band, or a cooperative effort –

    What qualities make a good team?

    cooperation, cohesiveness, and desire to achieve a common goal are the most important ones

    How important are the personalitites of the people?

    Very important, if there are personality conflicts in the group, that destroys the group's cohesiveness and obtaining its goals will become much more difficult. Everything will go smoother if the members get along and have compatible personalities.

    Does the size of a team make a difference?

    Yes, but whether a large is small team is better depends on the purpose and goal of the team.

    What about the goals?

    The goals of the team are what determine who good members would be, what the size should be, and most other important factors.

    Do you want everyone to be top talent?

    Probably not, because this could cause conflict. Think of the saying, "too many chiefs, not enough indians." If everyone is trying to be the top talent or boss, the goal won't be accomplished

    Source(s): Dictionary.com for the definitions College and experience for the rest Hope this helps!
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    A team... involve a certain firgure number of people...

    i think that people can be gather in a team must have some certain reasons...or maybe can say as objective...

    1. have the same goal that wan to achieve

    2. have the same beliefs - share beliefs

    3. teamwork - the most important spirit among the

    team members

    4. willing to help the others in the team no matter

    what happen - not selfish & like to share

    ....err....still have a lot... but i have blank in mind now....

    mind that.... the size of a team is really will make some differences in that team...

    Bigger that the team is form..

    they might facing more bigger problems among the team members because every person have they own different & unique personality...it might cause problems on discussion or during some decision making...(everyone also think that their idea is best...) this really make a difficult situation to solve problems...

    Beware that ...

    sometime...many problems that occurred are because of misunderstanding among the team members....

    maybe it just a small problem... but it is enough to "separate" the team... take note oh!

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    I don't know the definition of a good team but I do know the definition of an evil team though - "The Dallas Cowboys" (My team sucks too, but at least the fans are not obnoxious jerks).

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