alabama facts?

how is the schools in alabama and what would aceract people there. how is the goverment.

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    Okay, here is what I can do for you with my Alabama education:

    "How are the schools in Alabama and what would attract people to that area? Also, what are your opinions of the state government?"

    Now, based on your question and the manner in which it was presented I suggest the following:

    1. RUN, don't walk to Alabama (better yet, fly!).

    2. Enroll yourself in a public school. I am thinking perhaps first grade would be a good place to start since my seven year old has better sentence structure AND can spell better than you.

    3. Enjoy. It is a great state full of nice people, natural beauty, and great food!

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    The schools are underfunded, but seem to give a well rounded education in most of the suburban areas.

    "aceract"... I'm not sure exactly what word you are attempting to use. I looked it up on the Merriam Webster Dictionary site and it didn't recognize the word or give me a suggestion.

    The government elects individual executive leaders, Governor, Lt Governor can be on seperate parties. There is a House/Senate Legislative body. There is a Supreme Court which is elected by the popular vote rather than appointed by executive and approved by the legislative.

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    Alabama Rocks! I was born there. Schools aren't the best, but the cost of living is real low. Its also beautiful there.

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    Alabama is very republican, extremely low taxes, schools are not the greatest, but football is king. Best kept secret going.

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    it's all good

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