Why do people hunt?

I'm writing a story about hunting, and I'd like to know, from a hunter, why you hunt. Why is it enjoyable? Why do you find pleasure in hunting? What makes it such a thrill. I'm really looking for some in depth answers here. Thanks.

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    I started going squirrel hunting with my father when I was 5. No gun, just walking with him. It was time spent with my father, it was a rite of passage, it was unforgetable. He taught me how to shoot when I was 7 and he gave me my first .410 single shot shotgun when I was 9. I was taught how to hunt, how to listen, how to follow the laws, the importance of respect of the firearm, the importance of conservation of the land. We ate what we killed, It was just part of growning up in my family. I don't believe in "trophy" hunting. As a means of survival, tradition, or understanding the past; hunting is something that should be understood by everyone. There is some "thrill" I guess, but to me it's no different than when you apply all that you've learned and then aced a test. That's the excitement, in your accomplishment of using what you've learned and then passing that knowledge on to someone else.

    Just my two cents. Good luck on your paper.

    • I was taught to shoot guns. We own farm animals and we slaughter them for food. Wildlife is to be enjoyed by true conservationists, not killed by sexually frustrated men wannabes with teeny tiny wieners. I was taught to use my guns to defend myself and family and will most likely be killing humans.

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    Hunting is an age old tradition. Pre-dating all current humans on this planet. Man has hunted for food since he first began to walk the earth.

    Hunting is a primordial need. Us, hunters, are re-living what the ancient peoples had to do. That is hunt for food.

    Non-hunters also hunt. Can food shopping not be considered hunting? Strolling down aisle after aisle seeking that perfect item.

    Clothes shopping? the perfect dress? How many dresses have been looked over because it did not fit right?

    Animal hunting is the same. Peaceful and relaxing a chance to get away from the interstate traffic, work, family and friends. Hunting is solitude. Enjoyment in what the earth is at its core. The truth is most hunters enjoy watching the birds wake up the woods as much as seeing a herd of deer. It is the peace only found in the woods.

    Those small thrills people experience in the "sale" aisle in the mall can be felt by hunters. It is the thrill of finding or seeing something new.

    So, in a sense, hunting is our passion, obsession. Much like "normal" people have the same passions and obsessions over spending hours in the store finding the best deal.


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    Why Do People Hunt

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    Hunting is a good time even if you never see a game animal. Everything about it, the planning, the sighting in of your gun, the choice of ammunition, the early morning wake-up, the breakfast.

    The entire experience of being out there, in nature. Especially if you are being taught by your father or teaching your child. Scouting out the land, finding your spot and your entrance/exit route through the brush, finding their routes. Sitting there in the complete calm of a cold Autumn morning, the fresh air, the sunrise, the clouds, the birds, the other animals.

    And that thrill, the excitement of hearing the buck approach, stalking with your ears, scanning for movement, the slow, almost imperceptible movements you must make to get ready to fire, and then the rush of shouldering and the trigger pull, the satisfying sound and recoil of the shot and the smell of gunpowder.

    The wait to see if it's down, and sometimes the track of the blood through the forest.

    Gutting and packing the carcass out, and the satisfaction of knowing that the meat on the table was untouched by anyone's hand but your own and Mother Nature herself.

    • You would get the same feeling of untouched meat if you just choked your chicken you unlaid Neanderthal. You can enjoy the forest and family time without having to get your rocks off killing something. If you need the food fine, but if you are not in need you are just killing, not hunting.

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    I have no constructive answers because all the reasons given already have been excellent and totally on target... however:

    The problem with the "hunting prevents diseases in animals" logic is that no hunter I have ever met, and YES I DO HUNT, has ever gone for the sickest scrawniest animal he can find. Hell no, I don't want to eat a sick animal and niether do you. That's the difference between humans and predatory animals, we kill the prime examples, and they kill the sick and weak. We've learned about how wolves hunt the old sick and slow since 3rd grade, almost as long as we've learned not to eat sick diseased things ourselves. Anyway, the reasons people are giving for hunting are all very valid and I agree with all of them. Except the prevention of diseases. If you kill the big strong buck from a herd, his sickly little brother is going to end up spawning the next generation with all his genetic maladies. My point is... take responsibility for your hunt, it's not the ultimate cure-all nor is it the ultimate evil in society. We have been relying on animals for food since we were living in caves and trying to figure out fire, and if we lie to ourselves and everyone else about how were saving them by taking their strongest... well then we're showing them less respect than they deserve.

    I figure that you already know this, because if you were writing a story about hunting and you hunted you would just ask your friends or use your own experiances. So that leaves an animal rights perspective... balancing pro's and cons. Which I applaud. I just hope that you keep it objective. Everyone here is giving you answers about their favorite hobby in good faith, and it would be awfully inconsiderate for you to use that against them. Good luck on your project, whatever it may be.

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    Me and my Dad hunt for the meat, I like getting out because it is so nice out in the woods, just to get away from it all. I can't explain why you get such a rush especially when a buck comes in.

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    Everything said alreay is pretty accurate. I mean how many people, other that outdoors men and women, can say that have had a deer walk in front of them so clost they could have touched it with the end of their rifle, or seen a bobcat sitting in the tree right next to you, watching you just as close as you are watching it. Its being a part of something outside the ordinary day to day living. It puts food in my freezer. It is something that was taught to me by my father and grand father, and I will pass the knowledge I have learned on to my two sons when they are old enough. It makes me feel proud to make a meal from meat that I had to work my *** off for, from the tracking, hunting, cleaning and preperations of the meat. I enjoy bird hunting also. I love watching the dogs work a field just like they were bred to do. I love training the pups...plus its good exercise.....walking mile after mile of field every weekend.....and when huntings over, then fishing starts....its a yearly cycle.

    • Bull crap. The wooded areas where I see the most animals are in places where people do not kill them. Animals smell death and if you hunt where people are allowed you will not see many animals ( victims ). And if you camp where dear are not allowed to be killed the dear will walk right next to you.

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    I like to hunt because its time in the woods alone, also i like to see the many different kinds of wildlife in natural habitats weather im hunting them or not. I love to eat venison and have NEVER trophy hunted nor do I agree with it or so called 'canned' hunts (hunting animals in a fenced in tract of land). The adreniline you get when you see a large animal in the woods is very addictive and the amout of walking and excersize you can get is really good too. Weather I get what im hunting for or not the sheer joy of being out there is why I like it.

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    #1 I hunt for the meat, but I do enjoy it. It is not like some people believe, at least here in Montana. You do not just drive five miles out of town and shoot some deer standing there.

    I start scouting at least a month before hunting season opens, I go to my favorite hunting spots and hike around and study the deer and elk in the area, checking horn size body size ect.

    When season opens I get up at 5:00 a.m. drive 25 to 30 miles, park my truck, then hike any where from 2 to 6 miles, looking for or following which ever kind of animal I am hunting that day, If I find one that is big enough for what I want, I then try to get close enough and at the right position to make a good clean kill shot.

    keep in mind any of the animals I am hunting have way better hearing, they can smell 10 times better than I can, plus they have natural camo.

    Now if I manage to make it successfully through all that and do get the kill shot, then the real fun begins, now I have to field dress this animal and get it back to the truck.

    If I shot a nice buck it would wiegh around 150 lbs field dressed, I wiegh around 190 lbs, so I am going to drag this animal the 2 to 6 miles back to my truck, up and down the hills through the creek,and the trees.

    If I am lucky I made it back to my truck before dark, and I didn't get attacked by a Grizzly bear, or a black bear, a mountain lion, or some of those f*cking wolves.

    I guess that would be a good day hunting here in Montana.

    Now I got my deer home, I let it cure for 2 days, its time to cut and wrap the meat, that only takes me 4 hours, and now I got 50 lbs of fresh venision in the freezer.

    Sounds fun huh? Well I love it and I live it, I was born and raised hunting like this, so its what I know.

    From another point my doctor tells me to eat as much wild game as possilble, as it is much lower in cholesteral, and has no chemicals in it. The wild animals here in Montana eat what is natural, not full of pesticiedes, and other chemicals.

    It kind of grosses me out eating beef that you do not know what kind of steriods and other stuff they where feeding it to make it grow fast and gain wieght.

    I guess the bottom line is how we are raised.

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    There are many things that appeal to me. I feel like a part of nature when I am part of the natural circle of life, part of the food chain. Animals are very weary creatures. Their senses are keen and they keep their wits under stress. It is a challenge and a part of who men are. I am not saying that women can't hunt, just that I cannot speak for them. The thinning of the herds of wild game is healthy too. I will always absolutely object to the idea that hunting is cruel. Cruel is raising an animal in captivity then slitting it's throat for the meat. I will still eat such meat but I would rather eat the meat of an animal that got the chance to truly live.

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