Could someone send me a list of recommended books for students in library sciences ?

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    If you are going to become a librarian, you will get plenty of assigned reading when you get into graduate school.

    The best preparation for graduate training for library science (the Master's degree is the starting level degree for a librarian), is a well rounded undergraduate degree.

    If you have a specialized undergraduate degree, you might follow interesting library opportunities. For example, if you have a BS in mathematics, computer science or pre-engineering, there are really neat jobs in places like NASA, and MIT for librarians.

    There are a lot of specialized libraries, and it helps to have a background that matches the job - like Slavic language cataloger, Mandarin language bibliographer, Latin American Librarian. Big universities with specialized collections need librarians with subject expertise to match those specialized collections. There are librarians at the Culinary Institute of America, and there are librarians at the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Then there are music librarians, medical librarians, law librarians and more. There are librarians that work with nothing but maps or photographs. There are librarians that work with rare books. There are librarians that do story time with little kids and librarians (like me) that help college students prepare things like an annotated bibliography or a grant proposal.

    If you want to get started, work on your computer skills, because the more you have, the easier it is to get hired. Librarians do a LOT of technology work.

    Now if you really want to read some of the things that a librarian might be reading, I'll tell you what's on my office bookshelf right now:

    The Accidental Systems Librarian by Rachel Singer Gordon

    Faculty and the Library: The Undergraduate Experience by Larry Hardesty

    Library Management, 3rd Ed. by Stueart Moran

    Cataloging and Classification: An introduction by Chan

    Introduction to Reference Work Vol 1 by Katz

    Basic Research Methods for Librarians, 2nd ed. by Powell

    Use of Library Matrerials: The University of Pittsburg Study ed. by Allen Kent

    It's all good stuff, but hardly a list of thrillers.

    If I haven't addressed your question, post more information and I'll try again.

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