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How can I achieve a clean shave?

This is a question I need to be taken serious. All the stupid answers keep to yourself. I need to know what can I use to remove my pubic hairs. For example, If you watch some porn movies, the female are butter ball clean down there, no stubles or anything, I want to achieve that look. I shave with a razor, but I get razor bumps and it is never smooth like a bald head. Thats what I want a bald head, but down there. My boyfriend told me to use Magic Shave. I was thinking of Nair, but I think it would burn me or irritate me. Please help!

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    To achieve a clean shaven pubic area you need to use the Seiko Cleancut shaver and Shavy trimmer.

    The Cleancut on works on stubble length hair, but will leave you with baby soft skin. Best of all it does not nick, cut or burn and won't leave you with razor rash.

    The Shavy is toothbrush shaped which makes it easy to manoevure and trim pubic hairs in hard to reach and sensitive areas.

    These products are very popular and used by thousands worldwide to achieve a pain free brazilian look.

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    1) Wet shaving

    It's best not to shave first thing in the morning as your face will be puffy.

    Ideally take a shower before shaving, if this is not possible wash your face for a few minutes before. The cleaning removes dirt, oil, and dead skin and any other debris that can get between your skin and the razor, the hot (not scolding) water will soften the whiskers open the pores and relax your facial muscles. Keeping your face wet before and during the shave puts a layer of water between your face and the lather, the blade will skim the surface instead of dragging and tugging, dragging means the hair is not being neatly sliced and will cause irritation, redness, and bumps.

    Grooming Health Recomends

    2) Shaving cream and brush

    Stop using your fingers to smear cheap shaving gel that smells like deodorant on your face.

    Use a good quality glycerin-based shave cream which lubricates and protects the skin. Watch out for products containing irritating ingredients such as alcohol, menthol, mint, and camphor. Also beware of potassium or sodium hydroxide, they are designed to force the hair up and away from the skin by making the hair follicle and skin swell, supposedly for a closer shave, but because of the swollen skin some of the hair will be hidden, when the skin deflates, hairs may become trapped under the skin causing ingrowing hairs.

    As always if a product burns, irritates, tingles, causes the skin to become inflamed, or hurts, don't use it.

    Use a good shaving brush, the best brushes are made of badger hair. Dip the tip of the brush in hot water, it will absorbs the water and then when you whip the shaving cream up releases and mixes water with the shaving cream, this delivers a thicker, richer, more emollient lather.

    When you apply, skim the brush back and forth across your face and neck in and up-down motion, the up-down brushing lifts your whiskers and suspends them standing upright in the thick lather exposing the maximum whisker length to your blade as it skims along your face.

    See Shaving Creams

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    Cut all the hair real close to the skin with a trimmer.

    The use a men's electric razor -- NOT the sort sold for women's use and carefully shave the whole area until it's smooth. The gentlest by far are the Norlecos from the men's range, but remember they're useless on anything other than hair that's so short it's hardly visible.

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    A review of the various hair removal methods is available at http://tinyurl.com/ob6tt

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