Dreams of "heaven" does it mean anything?

I recentley had a dream of "heaven". Well my view of heaven. I never had a dream of such, nor have I cared for what my dreams mean until now.

Is there a meaning to it, or no? I'm atheist you could say, and since no one has seen heaven or know much about it. I dreamt it was the future, many futuristic things. I didn't dream of angels with wings laying on clouds. I dreamt of the future..

I knew it was heaven because it was said in my dream..

I said in my dream "This is like the matrix!" (Even though I never actually seen that movie) haha. That's all I can remember, thanks..

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    It likely means very little... except perhaps that you have a creative mind.

    First off, there is currently NOBODY in the world who fully understands what dreams are, anyone who claims to is most likely honestly mistaken (deluded into believing they can) or intentionally lying (usually to get your money or otherwise influence you).

    For instance, it has been hypothesized that there MIGHT be something to dreams being the mind's way to sort out more current thoughts and/or past memories, but this has NOT be verified with experimentation (so far, quite the contrary, in fact).

    On that point however; it is very difficult to get past the hypothesis stage with what dreams represent (if anything), as experimentation is challenging to say the least

    The first two links provide an introduction to some of the current directions of research - the third on assistance in remembering dreams (for interest) - the last two on more specific research

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    Interesting.....because the Matrix movies have many Christian allegories.

    Dreams are so commonplace, that it is truly difficult to know if it means something. Proof being, you watch a horror flick before you go to sleep, and you dream of an amalgamation of horror scenes and what you ate for breakfast, mixed with any significant argument or exciting event from the day.....you just never know.

    BUT.....the bible speaks about the Holy Spirit, who by speaking to your heart (conscience), and thru different means, like friends or loved ones...etc....the Holy Spirit "draws" you to GOD, or to the want to KNOW Him more. You might reconsider your beliefs and try reading the Gospels, the first four books of the New Testament. This will give you some insight. And also, the Book of Revelation (the last book of the Bible), speaks of heaven and its characteristics.

    Just know that if it was in fact GOD reaching out to you in your dream, you will indeed have "follow up" encounters that pull you towards Him. A sudden need to know more about Jesus, and if GOD really exists.

    If it was just a dream, and meant nothing, I'm sure you will just forget about it and carry on with your life as is.

    I hope you will at least try to seek the Lord, for yourself, regardless.

    God Bless you! <><

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    ok, taking into consideration of your point of view in life, lets approach this discussion this way...

    Your dream is and always will be in a language for yourself to yourself (so you speak). It uses symbols or roles about how you think of the subject. Sometimes dreams are a release (of garbage) that happens during your day, sometimes it is useful.

    why not take another way of looking at your life then using your dream.

    So about "heaven", is your real life at the moment not interesting to you lately? are you denying something within you that is good to be true but disgrading it? Something in work or in your relationships with yourself or others or family issues?

    Take a while to make a list of what is bothing you and examine (or imagine that) if the heavens or blessing came your way to open up the issues what would it be? and why not?

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    I did not watch too much of the matrix myself... but, heaven to the dreamer can symbolize the only place that one can visualize and realize a painless existance in reality. It is your idea of perfectionism and something that you, for some reason, feel the need to reach for right now, in your waking state.

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    1 decade ago

    Heaven represents all of those things for which most people hope. Some of us may not be convinced of its existence, but all of us have definite ideas about what heaven should be like. In your dreams it may symbolize happiness, peace, understanding, rest, love

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    Dreams of heaven..? ^_^

    it means, your Lucky!!to dream and see it.....just kidding.

    Anyway, they say it means your soul was wondering of out to reality. or you might have just done something, or might have forgotten about the wisdom of right from wrong.

    Likewise, you might have been dead for some moments, OR it might just be a dream..that was made by your side consciousness..

    Hey, i dream I was out of my body, and I was a wondering soul. man, that was cool. that it almost seem so true that I was gasping for air when I woke up ^_^

    *ehem* Anyway, Dreaming of death, to get to the point, has many meanings. reffer to what I have said before~ ^_^

    Source(s): p.s. I like vampires... ^_^
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    Have you gone to church lately, maybe that is the reason for the dream about heaven, But to me in the bible it explanes what heaven is and what to expect & what it looks like, But I truly think that we create our own heaven, everybody that reads about heaven creates their own heaven in their mind and when you die thats the heaven that you'll be in.

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    5 years ago

    well he probably does like you. but by saying goodnight he means he can not wait to see you again. by saying sweet dreams he hopes you sleep well and have no interuptions.

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