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How do I make friends?

I'm 26 and I currently only have two friends. We grew up together and have always been really close friends. Lately they've both been very busy with work and girlfriends and stuff and I've been spending a lot of time alone bored out of my mind. I spend a lot of time on my hobbies, but I'm starting to get pretty depressed from a lack of contact with other people. I would like to meet new people with similar interests, but I have no idea where to start. Once I meet new people, I'm not even sure how to make friends...I haven't made any new friends since I was a kid and I can be a pretty shy person when meeting new people. All the friends I made in college were really just friends of my ex-girlfriend. Any suggestions?

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    1. Decide what kind of friends you want and make a plan to make these types of friends. Do you want someone who likes to do the same activities as you? Someone with different skills who can teach you things? Same age or different?

    2. Try to look on the bright side of things. Smile at everybody, which will show people what a fun person you are.

    3. Be positive and fill your speech with uplifting words. Never make an insulting joke to get attention. Companions are courteous and complimentary.

    4. Have confidence and don't slouch when you walk. Try to always have a fun time.

    5. Make sure you are organized and not sloppy because when you are sloppy, people are not going to like the real you and they will judge you by the way you look and/or the things you have.

    6. If anybody asks you a question, answer in a friendly and polite way. Find common ground to talk about.

    7. Be sincerely interested in what others have to say. Look them in the eye. Listen carefully. Ask questions. Empathize. Laugh (with them, not at them). Be good company.

    8. Look for groups in your area which do something you are interested in--you could learn a new skill and meet like-minded people. An important tip for making friends is to never do things you do not like to do. This may cause you to lose one friend, but it will also give you a lot of friends for sticking up for the things that you like and the things you don't like.


    * Mainly, just be yourself. If people don't like you when you're yourself, maybe you shouldn't be around them. Do some magic, sing a song, tell a joke or riddle - such things can easily break the ice and define your character and what you like to do.

    * If you're around a new place, try to find people who are not attached to a group and strike up a conversation about anything -- the weather, the environment you're in, clothes, whatever. In school, for example, befriending new students can help you make new friends.

    * Remember that the most beautiful word and the most important of all for a person is his name; when you meet someone new for the first time, say his name 3-4 times in different sentences, then repeat the name in your head. When your conversation will be over with that person, note down his name on a paper with a special physical demarcation to remember who this person is next time you meet him.

    * Always try to have fun and enjoy yourself, which will radiate externally!

    * Consider doing community service in your area. This is a great way to meet people.

    * Call your friends at least once a week to check on them and see how they're doing. They'll be happy you care. Tell them that you appreciate them.

    * Remember important things about them such as things they like and their birthdays.

    * If you two ever get in an argument, be the first to apologize. Even if you're not sorry, at least apologize for getting into a fight with them. Then, without interrupting them, allow them to tell you why they got mad at you, and what they think you should do about it.

    * Remember, never leave old friends because you like someone else more. This is a mistake. And switching from one group of friends to another all the time will can have unintended results.

    * Accept everyone for who they are and never bring anyone down or try to change someone (especially if they've done nothing to hurt or offend you). This communicates insecurity. If you don't get along, try avoidance instead of creating a rivalry.

    * Seek out "true" friends. A false friend will destroy rather than build up a relationship.

    * Be a "true" friend, faithful through thick and thin, over time and distance, in fair weather and foul. Always love, always hope, always persevere.

    * Listen to others. It's better to be quiet than to say too much.

    * Never, ever blurt out a friend's secret! Not only would you lose your friend's trust, but the trust of everyone around you. Would you tell a secret to a girl who just the other day blabbed on her best friend? Be as loyal as a puppy to your friends, they'll respect you for it.

    * Learn to recognize when a person's not bothered about you or your feelings. If he/she is constantly darting their eyes and always interrupting you, or even - shocker! - walking away from you when you're in mid-sentence, well they're generally telltale ways that prove they just don't care.

    * Always trust your gut feelings about people. If you feel someone (as nice as they may seem) is not the right person to make friends with, then move along.

    * Don't be afraid of failing in your quest for friends. The only way this plan will work is if you put yourself out there.

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    Here's something I've always wanted to say OK? If you want friends, you have to BE a friend. Sorry. Some jerk actually said that to me. Thanks. Smiles are great tie breakers, mood shakers,

    friend makers and smile a lot. People love relaxed people who smile a lot. And I understand why they think people who don't do ALL the talking are smarter. What have they got to go by? Why, they must be deep in thought or above this conversation!!

    You can make friends. I already like you!! Positive and Uplifting!!

    Everybody needs friends!! (Don't expect to find true friends right off the bat especially when you had such longtime friends.) You know I have always found friends, and my favorite dates, doing the same thing I am doing. Find an interest or hobby that puts you in a group of people your age. Good Luck!! @8=)

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    I know sometimes it is tough to make friends at that age but I suppose your best bet is to go out and get active in the community with either community service or sports for guys your age. There is also clubs and bars you can meet people there but that might be just a place to pick up girls.

    Just basically get active and find some people with similar interests, staying at home is not going to solve your problem.

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    The secret for being liked by other people is CONFIDENCE. Just be confident of yourself, and go and talk to people you are interested in meeting. They'll think "This seems to be a really nice guy, confident, he might be a good person to hang out with". So, next time you go out think "I can get friends, Im a good person, I belive in me...." so hope this helps. I was like this and now have tons of friends.

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    some good places to meet are volunteer groups like helping out at animal shelter or nursing homes or in your church visiting people in the hospitals lots of places need help and you could meet a really good class of people and just by being a friend you can get other friends good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't look for friends. I'm 20 years old and I don't have even 1 friend.

    I know you want them, probably you need them. Try looking in chats and forums. They could be what you need to live other way.

    You will always find people with the same interest.. you just have to find them!

    From Mexico: Dark_mind

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  • Anonymous
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    Just go along.

    You can meet people on the bus, transportion, work, sport, whatever!

    Just keep in contact with them, and say Hi everytime and stuff, you'll get on fine.

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    its easy to make fren if u really want it.. just like people always say... smile and say hi..... start the conversation with something light and easy. like the hot news in the place, the weather, or something that u see around u...

    or u can join the chatting web site, mirc, yahoo messengers ors... it really easy if u want it.. u have power to make a move..good luck!!

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    1-u must really like somebody 2- after a while u must search that person has friend or not. 3-if that person has friend(s) u must leave that person and search another 4- if that person don't have any friend, don't fear go and say to that person:((ex me i want to have a friendship with u if u like that ,plz think and say me later)).if answere u, after a while u don't like that person...U WILL LOVE THAT FRIEND...

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  • 1 decade ago

    go and talk to people it will be daunting at first but you might find you enjoy it go to club which tie in with your hobbies you need to go out and get a life as it wont come to you good luck

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