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What is the real deal with High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Opponents to HFCS say that it is the reason why America is experiencing such a problem with obesity and diabetes. Supports of HFCS, like the United States Corn Refiners Association argue that other countries in the world who's people consume HFCS as well don't have problems with obesity and diabetes.

1) Is this true?

2) Does that mean HFCS isn't bad in any way?

3) If it is debatable whether HFSC is good or bad, why do opponents of it speak so strongly about their views? Might there be a political motive behind this debate on both sides? If so, what is each side's real motive?


For those of you who say its just sugar, if it is, then why do so many people say that it is not 'just sugar'? I honestly don't know what to believe. But, again, if its just sugar, what is the motive behind the people saying its not 'just sugar'?

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    the reason for the epedemic in America is the food we eat..they are putting unlabeled appetite enhancing additives and things that make you craves the food for more profits as a addicted or hungry person buys more of the product. It is said when american move overseas or to other countries and eat essentially the same diet, they lose weight and when they come here and do the same they gain weight. I have heard the diet foods are a prime source for where they put this stuff. I have heard that HFCS was one of these enhancers and that why it is in nearly everything to cover all the bases. We need better foods in the US or to try to eat only totally natural and organic food processed as little as possible. After you asked this question I looked around and found this interesting best answer that kind of applies. I believe from things said and the knowledge expressed it comes from Kevin Trudeau on TV as he is very knowledgeable, talks about his trouble with federal trade commission and references his website. I think he answered one of my questions once and it was really impressive in the scope of knowledge but I didn't realize it was him then. anyway check out his answer at the link.

    Source(s): Jeff..was that nationally..I thought that phase out of trans fat was just in NYC
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    The reason that HFCS is so popular is because it replaces sugar. Sugar is much more expensive. That is why coke does not taste the same. If you can ever get a coke that is imported from Mexico ( where they use sugar ) you will get to taste the great flavor that coke used to have. And yes, it is claimed that HFCS actually causes obesity and diabetes. It is kinda like them telling us for years that margarine is better, and what do we find out, the butter is much better for us. Go figure.

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    1. YEs

    2. HFCS is a horrible thing to put into your body in any form

    3. For the same reason some argue that cigarettes shouldn't be made illegal. no political motive.

    HFCS pretty much turns your arteries to plastic. read a book by Dr Oz. he's excellent at explaining the dangers of this chemical.

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    It BAD. Really. Its use is motivated by money. It is CHEAP to use, and causes a CRAVING for more. Go to your cupboard, and read can labels. You will be blown away by the universal use--it is in things you'd never have thought sugar should be in. That's to give that company a larger market share--but now everyone is doing it, and if they stop including it, they will gradually lose market share to the other companies that do include it.

    The overweight and diabetes problems are coming more from trans fats(hydrogenated vegetable oil), and Congress recently passed a law phasing their use out over the next 18 months.

    Eat healthy, and best of luck.

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    It was developed in the 1970's and is made from corn

    1- it's bad if you are overweight. It doesn't trigger insulin which means you will not feel "full"

    2- regular sugar releases insulin which too much is bad but at least you feel full

    3- companies love it because it is cheaper than sugar so they make money as long as the majority of people don't mind it.

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    It's cheaper than sugar, but used in way too many products in my opinion. i have a question of my own, why do so many things have both hfcs and corn syrup also?

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    Its sugar plain and simple. :)

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