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What are your favorite books on teaching? Why?

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    I love How to Meet Standards, Motivate Students, and STILL Enjoy Teaching! by Barbara Benson. It's not the bible it was for me a few years ago, but helped me structure my units and courses with PURPOSE.

    I Read It, but I Don't Get It: Comprehension Strategies for Adolescent Readers by Cris Tovani is an excellent choice for facing reading challenges at all levels

    Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K. Payne gave me a sort of lens through which I could start to understand some of the things about my students that absolutely confused my "Boring, Middle Class White Person from the Midwest" self. I also like that Payne clarifies that this is not an exhaustive explanation without exception.

    Holler If You Hear Me by Gregory Michie is not exactly about teaching techniques, but it honestly depicts life in the classroom. In that vein, I also liked Teacher Man by Frank McCourt.

    Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria? by Beverly Daniel Tatum is very interesting for its perspective on diverse learners.

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    Mosaic of Thought.

    Positive Discipline

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    Kommandant's female with the aid of pam Jenoff (my primary) -taught me to consistently shop a tale exciting , no one desires to verify countless pages of description or plot format it incredibly is the style you lose your reader's interest. it is going to be the characters that carry the plot with them and elect you to proceed examining. It taught me to consistently make a character unsuitable in some way no one is black or white everybody is able to being good and undesirable. i think of a few authors forget approximately this each so often with their heroine or heroes female with a pearl Earring with the aid of Tracy Chevalier- taught me to be specific and imaginative with description yet short and candy and enable my readers experience each inch of my characters inner turmoil and techniques. Suite Francaise with the aid of Irene Nemirosky - taught me that writing in 0.33 man or woman demands greater factor and concentration to make helpful your characters in no way look repetitive or similiar and to describe greater atmosphere and factor their distinctive reactions to situations. . As a e book in first man or woman is only seen with the aid of one man or woman's point of view it is much less annoying to place in writing i think of and of direction they have all taught me that talk is so substantial cheesy or waffled communicate would not activity anybody. desire I HELPED XXXXX

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    diary of a language teacher

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