close eyes pick up coin to see what it isvs. just touching with tip of finger. explain how this works?

this is a science experiment that needs a research paper. how do i explain why it is easier to feel a coin rather than just touch it to tell what it is

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The brain gets much more information from touching a coin all over than by being limited to a single touch. This seems obvious...

    Picking up a coin with eyes closed allows you to get a sense of weight, thickness, texture (flat edge vs. ridged edge), diameter. The combination of these factors comes together to describe the familiar coins of a country well enough that the blind can easily make change.

  • 1 decade ago

    How much detail are you expected to go into? I mean a simple explanation is that when you feel the coin you can assess that it is a familiar round object of a certain weight, with or without ridges on the side, and it isn't completely smooth. This is because once you reach a certain age, a coin is something that your brain has come to recognize and familiarize itself with. Merely touching the coin with the tip of your finger, depending on the extent of the touching allowed is not as easy for your brain to recognize because the finger tip is only one part of your sensory system, and in most people is desensitized compared to other parts of your body, plus you cannot assess the weight of the object. If you have to be more detailed than that, well then I am guessing you should know enough to be able to explain that.

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