Is being gay a choice?

Read this article:,,7-2527347,...

And tell me if you think being gay is unnatural. Do you think these animals are choosing to be gay?

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    Of course it is not a choice, and it has already been scientifically shown that it is genetics and not a choice that causes people to be sexually attracted to their own gender.

    Besides the Oslo exhibit, there are other examples of animals being gay at these websites:

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    How could you still think being gay is a choice after reading this article? I would think that finding out that there are gay animals would make people finally realize that homosexuality is not a choice. How could anyone choose to be gay, especially an animal? To answer your question, no, being gay is not a choice.

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    LOL I don't have to read it to know I'd laugh my pants off.

    No, of course other animals do not choose their sexuality or sexual desires.

    Yes, humans can control sexual desire, but not sexuality. So, no, it's not a choice for humans either.

    We're all animals when you look at it. Mother Nature decides who's gay, straight, bi, left handed or right handed.

    I just don't see why it's even an issue, honestly.

    We accept the theory that handedness is genetic, even though science has never proved it or found the gene responcible for it. So, what's the difference with sexuality?

    Why is it so important to prove it's genetic or what causes it?

    Why can't we all simply accept that people are different.

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    Gay is not a choice.

    I didn't choose to have a head on top of my neck. That's just the way it is-thankfully.

    No, gay is not unnatural. There will always be a percentage of the population that's gay.

    If everyone was the same, life would be very boring.

    "For you people who say it's a choice, PLEASE tell me exactly when you chose to be straight!" -- good one tychobrahe

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    Being gay is totally unnatural ,and even the homosexuals know this. How do I know this, because, look at their repsonses, to how society responds. Even without that, they feel the need to defend their lifestyle, why? Because they know deep down, it is something to defend, because they want their lust, and feel like crap all the time deep down about it. Of course, they pin the reasons for these feelings, on those that stand up to this unnatural way of life. How about this, don't be gay, because it only hurts others, society, and if you don't care about them, it still totally hurts you. Obviously, same sex partners care about themselves above all. And yes, gay is a choice.

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    1 decade ago

    God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve in the beginning. For the most part homosexuality is the result of some unhealed emotional brokeness. We are all broken emotionally in some way shape or form and we are all responsible to get the healing we need and to repent of our wicked ways. To choose to stay in the homosexual lifestyle is sin and wrong. To hate homosexuals is sin and is wrong. To hate homosexuality is love. (I Cor 13:6). I personally, know of some former homosexuals who were set free by the love of God and the work of Christ in their lives. If it is just a result of one's dna that would be impossible yet their lives testify to the grace and love of God.

    But it can also stem from "unclean spirits." I'm sure a lot of people may have a problem with that statement but it is true and accurately explains why some animals may be seen acting out in such a manner. And no, there is absolutely no truthful evidence that homosexuality comes from a gene or one's dna.

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    For you people who say it's a choice, PLEASE tell me exactly when you chose to be straight!

    If you're a guy, was there a time when you really wanted to bonk little boys like you, but then decided to bonk girls instead because you learned that God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve?

    It's absurd! No one decides to be gay or straight, anymore than than they decide to have green eyes or brown.

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    No being gay is not a choice.

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    1 decade ago

    Nope, it's genetic. Would you obligate to choose to be something people generally don't accept and are constantly receiving hateful comments and worse?

    Source(s): I'm bisexual.
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    No-It's just how we feel. Yeah, I heard about the animal thing too. We must have messed up genes.Lol!!

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