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i am getting a new car for college, I am so lucky, and was thinking about getting a subaru. My family has always had honda and i wanted a subaru legacy or outback sport. Are you subaru owners happy with your cars? what do you like aboutt the car? what do you dislike? which subaru do you have? any info and advice on subaru is appreciated.

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    You can't go wrong with a Subaru. I drive a '96 Legacy with 208,000 km that's seen 11 harsh Canadian winters. It has put newer cars of people I know to shame in terms of reliability, and I'm anxious to see just how long it lasts.

    --What I like

    I've found the Subaru to be pleasant to drive, with a controlled ride, nimble handling and good steering--and I would think newer models would be very similar. Winter performance, with four winter tires, is incredible--you can charge a winterized Subaru through snow up to its axles with little trouble. I find the sound of the boxer engine pleasing--it's deeper and more guttural than an inline-four. Subaru's interior controls tend to be very logical and the interior is roomy and practical. The frameless windows give the best visibility of any car I've driven--particularly with the narrow A-pillars.

    --What I like less

    If you're looking at owning one until it's over 8 years old and you're in a harsh climate, watch for rust. The paint is very chip-resistant, but in my experience small rust spots expanded in only a few years once started. The gas mileage is decent, but is likely about 10% worse than a comparable FWD car. I've averaged 9.4 L/100 km, or 25 miles per US gallon, over the last 7 months, but newer Legacys are heavier and more powerful and will likely get about 2 mpg less. The interior of some models (mine in any case) is fairly quiet but not overly so--I'm planning on adding some sound-deadening material.

    Between the Legacy or the Outback Sport, I would recommend the Legacy, since it has a better ride and more interior room.

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    I have driven and owned Subarus for the past 21 years. I think they are very well engineered cars . Very reliable, dependable and good handling. I used to work as a service adviser at Volvo,Mercedes, Suzuki and Kia(BIG MISTAKE) dealers. The Subaru cars are tops. If maintained properly they will last a long time. Honda and Toyota are good cars too but I like Subaru. I currently drive a '93 Subaru Legacy with 121,300 miles on it. I will be buying my 4th Subaru in the fall.

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    subaru, no matter what model, are the most reliable cars on the road. They have all wheel drive all the time, symetrical so that it doesn't have to wait for the other three wheels to kick in. It also has the boxer engine that is the greatest convenience for when you have your maintenance and stuff done. Saves a lot of money in labor, but, this car requires very little attention. Just drive, can count on a subaru.

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    Bought a 1997 Outback brand new and put over 125,000 miles on the Five speed manual without any repairs other than routine brakes and tires. Very reliable and very stable on winter roads All-wheel drive way better than 4-wheel drive...far far superior. MPG is good also. I would certainly recommend a Subaru to anyone. Please keep in mind though, repair parts can get costly if needed. If you will be doing any winter driving, please be cautious, the AWD is great for traction...but doesn't really help to bring the vehicle to a stop on ice...keep your speed reasonable for the road conditions.

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    I fairly a lot consider Michael, except i do not comprehend which Subaru you're speaking about. there's a 2.5i wagon for the Outback, Legacy and Impreza. i'll communicate about the Outback from journey and the Legacy by way of similarity. The passenger area has similarities, yet you'll locate the get entry to to the rear section by ability of a hatch so a lot more effective reachable than utilising a trunk. i got here upon that I gut basically what the window decal stated so a techniques as mileage, consisting of 28-30 MPG on the line and 22-23 MPG round city. i do no longer believe the vehicle is a California-qualified ULEV (extremely Low Emission vehicle), because the Honda's are. ( do see the declare, "Meets the strictest emissions criteria for gas engines even as geared up to satisfy the California Partial 0 Emission vehicle ordinary, in spite of the undeniable fact that I honestly do not comprehend what meaning.) The Legacy and Outback are very chance-free vehicles in both twist of destiny avoidance and crash safe practices, as they're rated tops in crash safe practices by way of NHTSA and IIHS, so this can help keep your coverage expenses down, yet we haven't any way of understanding what think ofyou've got to pay. i love the vehicle very a lot. i'm contained in the very weird and wonderful position of having offered 2 Outbacks in below a three hundred and sixty 5 days. I basically had to get the 6-cylinder. in spite of the undeniable fact that, instead of trading interior both.5i, I handed it on to my 33 three hundred and sixty 5 days previous daughter. i become very pleased with the vehicle and extremely confident in its safe practices and different attributes so as that I knew she doesn't be getting "stuck" with a awful automobile. i imagine both.5i Outback is an staggering automobile. i imagine the three.0 is a more effective useful one, in spite of the undeniable fact that both.5i continues to be an staggering automobile. :-)

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    I bought an 81 hatchback all wheel drive with 120,000 miles on it. It's retired at 214054. I replaced a clutch. the Forrester is my dream car. I also own a 78 el camino just to be fair.

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