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i have a question about leukemia after seeing A walk to remember. ( sorry if i spelled it wrong ). anyways, what does it mean to stop responding to treatments? if you get leukemia, how long will you probably live, and how do you die from it?

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    You spelled it right. I am studying to be a Medical Laboratory Technician. So I will tell some of the things I can remember. When it stops responding to treatments that means that the leukemia has gotten so bad that it can not get any better. There are so many types of leukemias categorized under acute and chronic leukemia. One example of leukemia is Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia(L1), which is most common in children, and is when the predominant cell being made is lymphocytes. Some leukemias have a longed life expectancy than others, from a couple months to years, so it really depends. Patients die from leukemia because there bone marrow is making white blood cells or other cell lines at a fast pace causing cells to spill over into the bloodstream, crowding out other cells that are needed for everyday function such as red blood cells. Crowding out can cause thrombocytopenia, which means that lack of platelets, which stops bleeding. And it also causes lack of rbc's leading to less oxygen being transported to the rest of the body. These patients experience excruciating bone pain due to the large cells being proliferated in the bone marrow. Infections and hemorrahages usually result in death because their bodies just breakdown after awhile. I hope this information is helpful.

    I have a link if you want more info about leukemias.

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    In most cases of leukemia, there are too many abnormal white blood cells. These leukemia cells crowd out the normal blood cells in your bone marrow and build up in your lymph nodes, liver, and spleen. This makes it hard for your body to fight infections.

    Treatments...it's when everything that can be tried with you has been done, and nothing has worked. There aren't endless amounts of "cures" for leukemia. My brother had leukemia 6 years ago and he had a cord blood transplant. He's still cancer free!

    Source(s): www.webmd.com and life experience
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    There are several different types of leukemia, you don't necessarily die from it, but it is difficult to treat.

    My good friend had it, and was only 28. he suffered with it for about a year and actually ended up dying from the treatments knocking his immune system down and getting a brain fungus.

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    A walk to remember is the Saddest and best movie ever!!!!!

    Death from lukimia can come within a few weeks or a few years. there is alot more info atwww.emedicinehealth.com/leukemia

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    Its like a cancer of the blood and causes white blood cells to run rampant not respanding means they can no longer gain control or help[ blood count.

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    Many are cured now. Death when it occurs is from hemorrhage or infection. Longevity depends on too many factors to guess.

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