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What would be a good name for Coffee Shop?

I'm planning to open a coffee shop soon. I was wondering if I could get some ideas on the names...

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    Here is an idea. Google all of the names of coffee's in the world and go from there. Such as Java. That is a type of coffee so you could say Java Shop or something like that.

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    One really good one that I just came up with was A Latte Coffee. Like a Lot of coffee but Latte is a coffee name so A Latte Coffee. Haha I'm good!

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    I love coffee & think of names for a shop if I opened one. I really dont see me doing that in the near future but still think of cute names for one.

    The Perk

    What's brewing

    Cream & Sugar

    Coffee Bean Queen or King

    Early Morning / Late Night Jave

    The Hop

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    cafeen ?. coffee lovers?, ' on the move ' . < meaning coffee gets you hypa. coffee bean? i have completley no idea if i told you anymore ude think i was goin mad lol good luck though !

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    I always liked "cafe nervosa" from fraiser.

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    STARBUCKS! lol

    or something w/ ur name in it...good luck!

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