Can a hurricane ever hit Portland, Oregon?

What needs to happen for a hurricane to occur? Why will the ocean we live by not help a hurricane?

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    The waters by portland are served by an oceanic current that comes from alaska with cold water. The water temperatures are in the 50's which is impossible for hurricane development. Hurricanes thrive on water that is >76 degrees f. Hurricanes do form by western mexico, but do not make it very far north of there, because the water becomes cold quick. Hurricanes can survive over cold water for very short times, but in your case, they have over 1000 miles of cold water to traverse before reaching you so at the worst you will get moisture from them. In addition, the steering winds that move hurricanes generally do not move them towards the west coast USA

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    Actually if you live near an ocean you could have a hurricane. It is caused by a low pressure system formed over tropical waters. The reason the ones in the Alantic move north is due to the Gulf Stream, but the Pacific northwest can get them too. If they are east of latitude 160, then they are hurricanes, west they are called typhoons.

    For any questions, access this web site:

    Alantic Oceanographic and Meterological Laboratory

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    Due to the waters being cooler on average it would be unlikely, yet you could feel a large portion of the foul weather. the north east corner of the storm is the worst of the four. Recent storms have been averaging much larger than in past decades. the main ocean currents seem to be varying more and have a wider range in temperature. all this leads one to expect a greater affected range and stronger storms.

    the worst thing for the NW coastline is water based threats such as storm surge and tsunamis.

    it seems that this will continue until global warming is curtailed, lets just hope it is not via another "Little Ice Age"

    hope was of some help

  • 3 years ago

    no the waters are too chilly to hit oregon, or california, or washington, hurricanes want heat water to be able to "function." to boot, the currents that would carry the hurricane might come from the north, this is as quickly as returned, chilly water, and makes it impossible to create a hurricane in such chilly waters.

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  • 1 decade ago

    nobecause the way the system works is that hurricanes start at a lower part of globe and would fizzle out by the time it would get to u

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    You can find complete and accurate information on the internet. Check that out, you might get wrong info here.

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    Weather works in mysterious ways my friend

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    No , the waters there aren't warm enough.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sure it can but very unlikely.

  • 1 decade ago

    I guess anything is possible.

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