CEO names and fax numbers needed, help please.?

Hi. Would you please help me? I am looking for the following CEO names and fax numbers to fax letters about my current financial situation.

I’ve never been late on any bills, but my husband beat me, went to jail, lost his job (for the conviction) and is divorcing me—blames me for everything.

My two children and I are alone without any help or family.

I am hoping I can write to the presidents and get some leeway until I get a job.

I found that email isn’t a good way to send things and getting a president’s name is like pulling teeth.

I am in Ohio, but I want the national presidents’ names and fax numbers.

Here are the ones I need:

-Scion (A division of Toyota)

-Fifth Third Bank Mortgage Division (want overall president)

-Capital One (credit card company)

-Time Warner Cable


Thank you for your help!


Debt consolidation isn;t always a good idea. Many of those organizations put people in a worse-off position. Plus, I don;t really have consumer debt other than the house and my car and my day-to-day expenses.

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    Writing directly to the CEO will actually slow down the process of getting help. If there is a direct fax number for the CEO/President of any of these companies, you won't find it without walking into their office and reading it of the machine.

    In the case of Fifth Third Bank, they are organized as at least 12 'affiliate banks' with at least 5 affiliates in Ohio. Each affiliate has its own CEO/president and Board of Directors. The Corporate offices are located in Cincinnati, OH. I can look up the Organizational Chart for the Ohio affiliates at work tomorrow (Jan 8). I don't have access to the corporate network from home.

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    I believe the best way for you to address these issues is to contact a Debt Consolidation service who will make arrangements with each of these companies so that you can make payments, keep your credit rating and be able to survive.

    Contact your bank and ask them for a recommendation.

    Good luck.

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